Why is listening so important and how big of a role does it play in the overall communication process?

Let us take a look at the Webster Dictionary definition for listening: 1. An act of listening to something.

Daily Wisdom Word Definition: 1. A role in the overall communication process that is largly underestimated. 2. The ability to accurately receive and interpret messages in the communication process.

I want to write about listening today and share with you just how vital it is for the person your communicating with to know they are being heard. I would like to focus specifically on “active listening” which is a little more specific.

Listening is the key to all effective communication without the ability to listen effectively, messages are often misunderstood.

Let us take a look at the five things we can do to become a more diligent listener. 1. Pay attention. 2. Show that your listening 3. Provide feedback. 4. Defer judgment 5. Respond appropriately.

When it comes to listening, I do my very best to nod while the other person is talking, acknowledging what they are saying. My own personal pet peeve is when I feel I am not being heard. It makes me feel as if what I am saying isn’t important or interesting. I myself, even when I am doing my very best, can sometimes appear as though I am not a good listener because I am a very fidgety person, and it can appear as though I am distracted. I am also somewhat impatient, and that can result in me appearing as though I am anxious to have the other party finish what they are saying, so believe me, I feel this is a good daily wisdom word myself.

Active Listening, is a more focused way to listen involving the above 5 ways to become an active listener, and is much more comforting to the other party when you really want to work on this skill. Listening is a daily wisdom word tool, that can not only help the other party with their feelings, but help yourself, because you learn so much more about the other persons perspective, and learn more in general.

How good does it make you feel after talking with someone about a problem they may be having, to say to you, “thanks so much for listening. I feel so much better now.”?

That is why is is key to SHOW the other party as well as yourself that you can listen from the heart. Sometimes, all a person wants to know is that they are being heard, and if you repeat their words mentally inside your head as they are saying them, you will find this much easier to do. Listening from the heart in my opinion is the most important type of listening of all. This is the most important type of listening of all….

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Samantha Leboeuf
Daily Wisdom Words

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Judy Cummings (@guest_478)
2 years ago

Thanks. You just followed me – and I wouldn’t have known about you had you not done this. I am happy that I checked out this blog. Lots of practical wisdom here. I shared it with others.

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