We all know what it means to live or be alive.  Do we compare living to simply existing?  Actually in my book, living and existing are two different things.  Living should also include being alive, and feeling alive. Do you feel you are living your life to its fullest?  Do you wake up happy, looking forward to the day, or does living to you, mean waking up every morning going through a series of motions?  Do you feel excitement about each day, or do you feel you just want to get through your day?  These are the questions I want you to ask yourself as your reading this.  

We all have responsibilities.  Most of us have a job and we are clear what our purpose is in this world.  I find, however, as I get older, my purpose in life is not as clear. When you think of living, a lot of what it means to live is give to others.  My purpose seems to be less than it was years back while raising children and working a job to support them.  My children are happy in their own immediate family units.  We enjoy being grandparents and this gives us purpose now.  I bring this up because when your children are grown, you look forward to being a grandparent and helping your children out through watching and helping with your grandchildren.  Living out of state puts a damper on this role limiting it.  My son and his fiance will eventually have children.  That is exciting to look forward to.

Let us take a look at the definition of living, first our Webster definition and our Daily Wisdom Words definition.  

Webster Definition-1.  survive in ones mind, be remembered.  Have an exciting or fulfilling life.

Daily Wisdom Words Meaning of living-Being excited about a purpose in life helping others, especially those you love.  

To live is to love.  Living is a simply following through with a routine if there is not love in your life.  I love my daughter so much, and see her make an effort in other areas because she does feel she would like to have a close relationship with me.  She has always been different, as we all are.  She feels her friends are as important as those of us in her extended family.  She has enough love to go around and makes time for all.  It must require a great deal of energy on her behalf to do this.  I admire her and she truly is an excellent mother.  Even when I stand back and look at the situation objectively, I love my grandson so much and that is what makes it hurt more as my role in his life is limited.  We need to have a purpose in life and if our purpose isn’t clear, we need to find a clear purpose.  We need to love others and be loved.  It is a positive thing to have others depend on us.  When I write, I think.  Perhaps I need to shift my own purpose and stop pursuing causes my purpose in not serving.

Thanks for reading about living today.  Have a beautiful and blessed day. 

There is one area of my life I am sure I serve a purpose.  This is with my writing.  I feel that having this website and other writers serving a purpose with me is a beautiful thing.  We would love to have any writer become a better one.  Join daily wisdom words today for 50% off, just $5  for a lifetime membership, and we promise to make you a better writer.  All we ask for you to do is participate.  

Samantha Leboeuf/dww



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NEEL TRIVEDI (@neelt2001)
10 months ago

Great post! I wrote a poem on this subject a while ago. I’ll share it here.


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