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LONGEVITY                                     HOW CAN WE ACHIEVE IT?

Longevity is living our life to its fullest and longest.  Longevity requires mindfulness as you must be aware of how you are treating yourself, mentally, physically and psychologically.  Longevity is what most of us hope for.  However, even if we do everything right, it is not a guarantee.  Genetics play a huge role in longevity and can make or break the difference. In other words, we are not always in control of our longevity or length of life.  This doesn’t mean we don’t try however to be healthy.  What does striving for longevity mean?  What can you do to extend your own life?

I picked this word because my sister, who is 52 years old, is suffering from throat cancer.  She discovered this due to an ongoing mouth sore that was very painful.  My sister is proactive, and had it not been for her, we may not have a clear diagnosis to this day.  She originally went to the dentist.  After seeing him and receiving no help, she asked what a next step entailed.  The dentist recommended seeing an ear, nose and throat specialist.  He immediately was concerned as to the length of time the sore had been in her mouth.  

The ear, nose and throat specialist began by doing a biopsy of the sore.  It tested positive for having cancer cells.  Throat Cancer is an aggressive cancer, and a lot of time was wasted going to the dentist several times, waiting for an appointment to get in with the Specialist, and finally, setting up a time for a pet scan to see what “hot areas” showed for most likely having cancer.  Her tongue immediately flared up on the scan. I was originally talking about longevity, and if anyone did her best to insure that, it would be my sister.  She ate organically, but remained in a “stressful, anxious state” often.  I completely understand why.  She had two girls she was financially and in every way responsible to raise.  She lost her first child about seven years before her first girl was born.  The death of her three year old was completely unexpected.  All pediatrician appointments showed “Hillary” was a healthy toddler.  She died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome three days before her third birthday. 

Hillary had no choices for her longevity, and her mother and father did everything possible to insure she was watched always.  There is no one to blame for this circumstance no matter how diligent you are.  Longevity for Hillary or “life expectancy” was not fair.  

I often wonder in my sister’s current situation if stress, (overcompensating for the loss of her first child), raising her girls was part of why she was diagnosed with throat cancer.  Unfortunately, when they obtained a surgical biopsy, the cancer had spread to the lymph nodes and not just one, two I believe.  Sadly, my sister married the love of her life at 50 Years old.  I remember, after her wedding, with her knowing she had this disease, her saying this:  Wouldn’t it be sad after all these years and meeting the right man, if I died from this cancer?  

She is fighting every step of the way, but they now believe the cancer is back.  Her longevity, no matter how she treated her body, was predisposed.  (Her brother passed away from throat cancer).  I think the best answer to my question is we simply have to do our best to obtain longevity.  We do need to exercise, eat properly and at least add to the possibility of longevity.  Let’s quickly take a look at the meaning of longevity.

Webster Definition of longevity-1.  long life.  2.  long service or existance

Daily Wisdom Words Definition-1.  the time span of our life being long which we only have limited control over.  

I have had breast cancer.  I caught it very early and have been over five years cancer free.  I knew I did not feel right, and this was the cause.  Be mindful of what your body is telling you.  Doctors nor dentists have the full picture 100% of the time.  Longevity in my thought process is us listening to our bodies.  They do talk to us.  This is how we know we are hungry and thirsty, and yes, sick.  

Thanks so much for reading today.  Whoever is reading this, I ask for your prayers for my little sister, and ask that you give serious thought to what I have written.  There is no, “I should have, could have, or would have” if I had done so and so.  There is only NOW.  Start today doing what you can to extend longevity.  This definitely includes paying attention to what your body is saying to you…

Thanks so much, Samantha Leboeuf


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Shirley Satterfield (@guest_6598)
10 months ago

Very good advice here. Mel Robbins the cable talk show host and motivational speaker on YouTube wisely points out that we do not have control of everything, but you can mitigate negative through the things you can control. Thanks, Sam.. This is a good one.

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