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What are Manifestations? How do they affect us in life?  Let us first take a look at manifestations definition in our Webster Dictionary.

Webster Definition of manifestations-an event, action or object that clearly shows or embodies something, especially a theory or abstract idea. 2.  the action or fact of showing an abstract idea.  3.  a symptom or sign of an ailment 4.  a version or incarnation of something or someone

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of manifestations-1.  The effect of something that has happened to us, leaving a firm imprint on us forever because we didn’t let it go.

Manifestations are often expressions without words that linger within us or project outside of us.  Manifestations are taking dreams and pushing them into reality.  Affirmations, when we are positively affirming something, can manifest themselves into something real if we truly believe them, say them and see them happening for us.

This is just my opinion, and what I am really saying, is if you focus on something long enough in a positive light, and direct your energy into it by writing it, seeing it or saying it, it can manifest itself into reality.

For instance, let us say I wish to go back to college but don’t have the money or resources to do so.  I believe with positive affirmations we can will our thinking to be pointed in the right direction to make this happen.  We may figure out a way to take out a student loan, or we could possibly come into an unexpected inheritance, but we must use the power of the positive laws of attraction for this to happen.

When I was in sales, I used to visualize, write down, and mentally picture how many homes I would sell that day. More often than not, because I wrote these goals down, said them, believed them, and visualized them, they more often came true than didn’t.  Manifestations are these affirmations coming into being in your world and a very powerful tool when used for positive things that we would like to attract in our lives.

Thank you for reading about manifestations today!  Please scroll down to the bottom of this article where it says, “join the discussion”, and leave a comment, quote or poem about the power of abundance, affirmations and manifestations and goal setting.

Samantha Leboeuf

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