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Mentors are a very important part of our life and help us to shape the individuals we will be or are, now.  It is most likely in your life you have had a mentor in the past.  This can be anyone;  a big brother or sister, a Minister, a Leader or Role Model in your career or life.  Mentors play a role in helping us establish our own identities.  Mentors can:  1)  help us see new perspectives and direction  2)  lead us from temptation away from doing the wrong thing.  Before I write more about mentors, let us look at the definition from our Webster Dictionary and the daily wisdom words definition.

Webster Definition of Mentors-1.  An experienced and trained advisor;  2.  an experienced person in a company, college, or school who trains and counsels employees

Daily Wisdom Words Definition-1.  Someone who guides us in our choices, personal and professional

Mentors tend to mean something to us years after they were a part of our life.  I still remember my first mentor when I was just graduating high school leading me to attend college in a different part of the state I grew up in.  It so happened, I got in with a popular crowd, the last two years of high school.  I truly loved being popular due mostly to the crowd I now spent my time with.  The problem was, this crowd wasn’t a good influence on me and liked to party.  Until I became a part of this crowd, I was a very good girl.  My grades began slipping from straight A’s to B’s and C’s as I now spent my free time with this crowd, rather than studying.  

A friend of our family who I respected greatly pulled me aside one day and asked me what I wanted out of my life.  I said, “I want to be a successful person working in some capacity with others.”  He then shared the changes in me he had observed over the last few years and they were not positive.  I think it woke me up and showed me back to the road I had come from before being popular, the days following high school graduation.  I knew I did not have the strength to turn away from these friends.  I went to him for advice with my dilemma.  He suggested distancing myself physically by attending a college a measurable distance away from home.  

Ultimately, this turned out to be the best possible direction for me.  I found myself flourishing socially on my own, and did very well in school.  Mentors can change your life.  Remember if you are someone younger reading this post my story I shared.  There is a reason someone older we look up to can make a significant impression on us:  we like them and sense their wisdom and sincere guidance.  

Thanks so much for reading about mentors today.  Have a beautiful and blessed day!  Samantha/DWW


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