Why am I writing about messages? Messages for direct communication are given out in three forms: Verbal and Non-Verbal communication or written communication. Let us take a look at the meaning of messages in the Webster Dictionary-1. a message directly communicating with another.

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning-1. ways to communicate using three methods: speaking, non-verbal gestures, and written. They are all important and serve as the way we interact with other human beings.

Messages are sent to others through our poetry when we write, whether it be about one person in particular, or about something we have seen or heard that has inspired us to write. Messages through our poetry speak loud and clear, and I find writing poetry to be one of the strongest ways to communicate messages there are.

Messages are also given to others through direct communication as well. This is when we speak to others to communicate. Messages of this kind are called direct verbal communication. Direct verbal communication and indirect communication through non-verbal cues are the two types of messages that are responsible for 90% of the messages we send, when interacting directly with another, and roughly 70% of our communication comes from our non-verbal cues.

Surprisingly, the largest form of communication is non-verbal. If you ever just watch someone while they are talking, it is fascinating, especially if they aren’t telling the truth. We can see as they are telling us no about something that is really yes, their eyes tend to avert us, and they also don’t use the same amount of hand gestures to communicate as well. When we are communicating honestly with another, our hand gestures and eyes meet with the other person we are communicating with and we are clearly excited to deliver this message by our voice cadence and tone. Remember: Non-verbal communication is one of the most important methods of communication there is and tells us much more about what a person is trying to communicate then verbal or written communication with one exception: our poetry! Reading between the lines of the poem, as well as the lines in the poem itself, which deliver a message all in itself, both the lines, (written communication and between them, easily compared to non-verbal communication.)

There are other things to note about our poetry as well as the author is communicating with us through their poetic works. Sometimes, these poems come from our imagination and there isn’t much to try to communicate as far as a message about the author themselves, but it does give you great insight into who the person is or at least what they are capable of creatively.

Non-verbal communication is the most fascinating to me, as I find if I watch a person, rather than listen to what the words are coming out of their mouth, although voice cadence and inflection tell us much about the message itself, we can learn so much. Messages are also communicated between animals, in their own way and other species, so communication it is fair to say, is a part of human nature.

Thank you so much for reading about communication and messages today with me. Our daily wisdom word is Messages so if you want to submit your poetry using the daily wisdom word within it, and play along or any poetry for that matter, that would be great. You can feel comfortable submitting the poetry on our website as we don’t retain any copyright privileges and your poetry is your own. Also, you will see changes on the website, and can now post directly on here, comment on each others work, and repost on twitter all from here. Thank you so much for reading about messages and I will look forward to writing to you tomorrow.

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Have a beautiful and blessed day.

Samantha Leboeuf
Daily Wisdom Words

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