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MIRACLES                           DAILY WISDOM WORDS

Have you ever experienced, a “Miracle”?

I believe we all have had a “miracle” happen to us or witnessed it, but perhaps did not recognize it as one depending on the perspective we viewed it in.

I like the Webster Definition of Miracles:    1.  “An event or interaction that contradicts scientific laws”
2.  A remarkable thing.

Daily Wisdom Word Definition: 1.  An event or happening that we see, which is defined as
seeing, the unseen.  2.  A beautiful blessing wrapped up in a bow delivered from God.

Miracles happen every day.  We just don’t see them, because of many reasons such as being absorbed in work, or issues in our lives.  Miracles, are “seeing the unseen”, and I have seen the unseen at work in many lives.

One week ago, my bridge came out.  Now everyone reading this knows how EXPENSIVE dental work is. I have NO dental insurance, either.  I wrapped the bridge in a paper towel after rinsing it off, and placed it in my purse.  I had a Dental appointment, the following day.

When I arrived at my appointment, my BRIDGE was missing.  I have no idea what happened.  I am still certain I put it in my purse, but I dumped everything out, and could not find it.  I went into panic mode.  I was so upset, and I’m thinking to myself, how in the world right now, do we have $3500 to get this repaired?

My Dentist, who I have had for four years, is a wonderful person, very devoted to his family, and Church and exercising, and he owns the clinic or half of it, doesn’t matter, what he has, it matters what he does with it, however, I did not expect his next move.

With no ulterior motive, he said:  “Samantha, I am just going to charge you for the lab fees.”  (I also had to have a tooth extracted).  I said “Scott, how much will that be?  he said “2-3”.
I said ” which one?  two thousand or three would it be closest to?”  He said “no, 2-$300.00. I will just charge you for the lab fees”

I was literally in shock over his kindness, again, no ulterior motive, except the kindness in his heart, recognizing the panic in mine.  I said, “why would you do that?”  He said, “I see how stressed out about this you are, don’t worry about it.   I said, “thank you so much, and silently to God, thank you so much, and asked him what I could do for him.”  He said, nothing, “JUST PAY IT FORWARD”.

I still two days later, am in shock.  God worked through him.  I had just witnessed it. ONE of God’s MIRACLES.   I couldn’t believe that my dentist would do this.  He  did this work, at no cost, and nothing for him.  I am writing this post today, and “Dr. Scott, if your reading this today, thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Happy Easter to you and your family.” This Post is dedicated to your generosity and kindness.

God knows everything:  We can’t hide a secret from him or decide what to share or not to share.  He is part of us, so he sees it all, hears it all, and fixes it all, and leads us, but we must  be willing to follow him to be lead.   Expectation, leads to potential disappointments in life.  God’s  WISDOM I believe, ultimately decides what is best for us.  I obviously can’t read his mind, but I can “See the unseen at work”.    “It is my choice to be looking to see them, and I can’t be looking, if I am distracted with negativity.” I am so far from perfect, but what I have learned in life, comes directly from mistakes I have made, or watching others make what I believe to be one.

MIRACLES happen ALL the time!  We must be in the right frame of mind to recognize MIRACLES as they happen.  We must also believe in them.  I am not trying to convert others if your reading this, and I don’t judge you, for your beliefs, either.  I want someone who did a kind thing, to know it was a miracle for me and this post is the only thing I can think of.

The more I am open to looking for the unseen, the more I recognize it.  I, personally, have been in situations where I could not see an answer to the problem I was going through. One of these problems, stand out.  No matter how I looked at this problem from every angle could I see the answer.

Again, “the unseen stepped in”.  A year after this problem occurred, there was a situation, that allowed an avenue to be created, through the unseen that took care of this.  I had to do my work, because I caused this problem, myself.  It was given to me, because I asked for it through this mistake.  God was the only one who could handle it, because I believe he knew I had learned from it.

These miracles, happen every day, to those around us, and to us, and they are true beauty.  God creates the beauty in nature, to give us a sense of peace when we need it. Sometimes, when everything appears, as ugly, and impossible, that impossible, becomes possible.  We get the opportunity to see the unseen at work.

There are miracles, we all see and recognize and we may not view them as miracles, but would if in a different frame of mind. it is in what we do not see, the magic, and its beauty and creation exists.    I know, I am not alone.  I know I have a family, and am grateful they are happy and healthy.

I have someone special, to me who I hope reads this.  I don’t know if it will change anything, but God works through the unseen, so there is always, HOPE.  Without hope, our spirit is dead, but with Hope, brings possibilities, and what once seemed “Limited, becomes Limitless.” and we have seen the unseen.  SL

Thank you for reading today.  Kindly share your thoughts, and perspectives, or any incident that you’ve had, which applies to the daily wisdom word…. or Please click on Google+1 if you like, and share it with another if you think they might enjoy it…

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