We all make them:  MISTAKES.  We’re not proud when we make them either, and I would like to share some insight on the fine balance of learning from our mistakes, or beating ourselves up for them, or not taking accountability for them when we make them.

First, there are all kinds of mistakes.  We make little mistakes at work all the time.  We make a mistake as little as a typo, all the way up to big mistakes, like giving the wrong document to the WRONG person, perhaps the person whom the document was about, detailing their termination!

Yes, mistakes like that happen.  Why do we make Mistakes??  Well, first and foremost, we are human. God made us imperfect, so when mistakes are made, the first thing we must do, is acknowledge them to ourselves, if it was a personal mistake, or to ourselves and  the person(s)  affected, and most importantly, as difficult as it can be, TAKE ACCOUNTABILITY.

By taking accountability, we do what we can not only to acknowledge our mistake, we do what is within our power to fix the mistake.  If the mistake is irreparable, WE must learn to throw pride to the wayside, and apologize to ourselves, ask forgiveness from God, and, if this mistake hurt another, have the STRENGTH TO apologize to the person this mistake caused harm or disruption to.
Next, we must follow with actions, to do our best, to show we are sorry for the mistake we made.
Pride, has two sides.  NEVER have too much pride, that you think your above, doing your best to DO, what I call “damage repair”.  If you read my previous post on ego, (my acronym for ego, e mitting G od  O urselves), you know, how I feel about the ego.  I used to have a pretty big one myself, and I had too much pride, to do damage control, or, sometimes, had to much
EGO, to even acknowledge my mistakes, to myself and others.
Finally, when we have done what we can, and time has moved on, You should not, until you have thought to yourself, what you can learn from even, the smallest mistake.  I believe that one reason, God decided to keep us “imperfect” is so our life experience, no matter what, was one that kept us moving forward, and growing.  Mistakes, are a learning process. 
I often spend too much time “beating myself up, unnecessarily for my mistakes, instead of learning from them.  Place your mistakes, no matter if it is personal, professional, in the proper perspective, and DON’T be so hard on yourself.  I guarantee, your not the first to make this mistake, but you CAN be the first to Learn the Lesson, the mistake was designed to teach you…SLhttp://dailywisdomwords.blogspot.com/2013/06/wisdom-word-for-62913-decisions-by.html
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