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More Wisdom Lessons Learned About Writing

More Wisdom Lessons Learned About Writing

Dear Writing community, I just want to apologize for the lateness of this blog post. I have been very deeply under the health weather, but it is not due to the symptoms of Covid-19, fortunately, so I will be alright.

Last week I wrote about the importance of either writing what you know about, at least early on your writing career, or doing the research necessary in order to be intimately knowledgeable of your subject matter. Today I want to share with you a brief message about the importance of restricting your subject to one narrow subject and the how vital specificity is in good writing. For instance if you are going to write a nonfiction book about psychology, it would be better to narrow down your subject to how to resolve conflicts in marriage, for instance or specific treatment plans and therapies for depression rather then write some giant book on psychology in general, unless of course if you were writing a textbook. and then in the case of a more generalized approach to a subject like a text book, then you would still be dividing the book into specific chapter heading that still restrict your book into several tight units of specific information. One real case in point is the way our dailywisdomwords.com Samantha Leboeuf restricts her wisdom posts to one subject at a time and defining one word at a time using specific examples from her own life. So restrict it writers.

And it is also important to understand that the more specific you are in your writing style, the better are the end results regardless of the genre, fiction, nonfiction or poetry. For instance if you write about a red or green apple, you give your reader a rather bland description that is likely not to impress him much and actually bore him, but if you describe your object as a red delicious apple, or as a tart granny smith apple, you immediately illicit a more vivid picture in the reader’s mind of sight, size, taste and smell. So be as specific as possible when crafting your imagery,

Sometime soon, I will be seeking to interview a fiction author on what techniques are involved in writing novels. So stay tuned to dailywisdomwords.com for more great content, poetry, and good advice on every subject under the sum. And be sure to sign up today $10.00 lifetime membership fee. And remember, we are all friends here and we have your back.

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