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Motivation is sometimes difficult to generate within ourselves, don’t you think?  I am sure all
of us have those days, when we wake up an hour early, write a list of what your going to
accomplish, and get your list completed, and then some.

On the other hand, if any of you are like me, you have those days, where it is a “struggle” to
accomplish anything.  Those days for me, are what I want to talk about.

I can only write about my days, and before I go into it, I need to mention an extenuating circumstance
with me that can place a 10 pound weight on motivation for my day.  I have suffered with depression
since I was a child.  When I feel down about something, it is EXTREMELY difficult for me to even
approach motivation.  

What we all do have in common, is our mood, definitely does affect our motivation for the day.I
I am going to share with you some techniques that have helped me get past the mountain I have to
climb, at times, to feel motivated.

I will use my recent break up with the man I thought I loved, to explain what I do.  When that break up occurred, I felt as though I had no “identity” remaining.  I had allowed my whole world to center around him, as when things were good, my “motivation level” would be sky high.  When things were bad, and we ended it, I literally could NOT get out of bed!  There were responsibilities that were a “must to be attended to”.  I continued to ignore them until, phone calls from debt collectors became distracting from my depression, and won. 

Does every story have a happy ending?  No, but, this one does, Thank God.  I forced myself to get up, and come up with some kind of “formula” to get myself out of bed and motivated, which I am going to share with you.

First, make a list of what is necessary for you to accomplish.  It is very important HOW you write the list.  You must write the list, and at the same time, envision yourself doing the task, and completing it.  See yourself, in you mind, finishing  whatever that task is.  Allow yourself to experience the feelings of happiness and relief that you would feel after  FINISHING the task.

Specifically, it is very important, to use the exact or similar wording I use.  When writing down
the task you need to finish, Write it, as if, if has already been accomplished.  For example, if the task is to pay your bills, the following line is how it must be written: ” I enjoying having paid all the bills for the month, today.”  You see, not only are you allowing yourself to experience the great feelings of relief having the task finished, but your using verbiage feeding your mind with an affirmation of achievement.

Affirmations are powerful, and that is a wisdom word that I will write about in the future.  Why?  They work!  The fact is, your conscious, and subconscious mind, rejects a “negative”, such as “I can’t”.  You CAN do this.

The fact of it is, Motivation is tied with your mood, negative, positive, happy or depressed.  Next time your feeling a lack of motivation to do anything, try these few simple techniques.
Why not?  What do you have to lose?  One of the items on your “to do” list?

You CAN do it.  I believe in all us, and although were very different, advice like this will work with every one of us.  SL

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