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Why is the art of Negotiation so important and what does it mean in the Webster Dictionary?

According to our Webster Dictionary, a negotiation is::  1.  Discussion at reaching an agreement.  2.  The act or process of negotiation.

Daily Wisdom Word Definition:  The act of two parties coming together and making concessions on both ends in order to reach an agreement.

Negotiations are so very important.  Why?  in any form or continuing relationship, Negotiations are necessary to make them work.  Concessions on both parties ends must be made so negotiations can begin to take place.

If You talk to couples that have been married a long time, they will tell you that there must be negotiations reached on both sides of the table to make the relationship work.  Negotiations are the result of concessions made.  Concessions, in which two parties who care for each other are willing to make because they love one another.

Negotiations are not always easy even if both parties are willing to make concessions.  This is because saying your willing to make a concession and actually doing it are two different things.  Concessions must actually be made and they must be done so where parties stick to their word, otherwise trust becomes a factor.

In my second marriage, (that is right, folks, I have been married twice), many promises were made up front before the marriage and when it came time to actually keep those promises, they were not kept.  These were Negotiations that were made up front before the relationship was taken to the marriage level.  We already had problems, but if both of us had stuck to the negotiations we had conceded to, I can honestly say that marriage would still be in tact.

However, that was not the case, and when negotiations failed, so did the marriage, resulting in ultimate divorce.  Someone can only make promises of concession so many times and not stick to those promises before trust is broken, and therefore the relationship, so sadly this is a good example of negotiations.

Another example of negotiations is something you must actually go to FBI or special training to do:  That is to be a hostage negotiator.  It has happened unfortunately, many times, where someone has taken another hostage or others hostage, and negotiations had to be reached in order to release them.  There are actually specific strategies to hostage negotiations that take much training to learn.

We must realize in this life that in order to make any kind of relationship to work, we must be willing to negotiate and concede and third, follow through with our promises, as when trust is broken so are the negotiations and concessions.  These go hand in hand.

Today, think about the friendships, marriages, and other relationships that have worked for you.  They required two things:  Good communication on both ends, and trust that each party after working out the concessions they are willing to make, stick with them.

I want to see poems and quotes about negotiations and please put the poems under the Community Poetry link so others can enjoy them as well.  You can then post them on twitter as well.  My web designer is working on having twitter connect directly from the Community Poetry Web Page, as I write this, so if you all could just continue to be patient, it would be greatly appreciated.

As I have said in the past, We need to realize that to have one of the best Poetry sites on the Web, takes time, and glitches must be worked through.  Please bear with us and everyday the exciting thing is we are having more members sign up and more people write Poetry on the Daily Wisdom Word.

Don’t forget that Saturday is Music Poetry Prompts with Peter which a song is picked out by a person in the writing party who is tagged in alphabetical order, (last week was Henry), and we write poetry to the song instead of the daily wisdom word.  Peter, thank you so much for this fun, creative, and amazing idea everyone seems to enjoy!

Have a beautiful and blessed day!


Samantha LeBoeuf

Daily Wisdom Words


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Jean Larson (@guest_708)
2 years ago

If you see a couple who never fights, one of them has rolled over and is playing dead.
Better to take turns at the controlled by love yelling. And …. listening.

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