What are obstacles and how can they get in the way of our life?

Let us first take a look at the meaning of obstacles in our Webster Dictionary–Obstacles:  1.  A thing that blocks one’s way or hinders progress.

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning–Obstacles:  1.  Roadblocks in life that hinder our way to getting the things done we need to finish.

Obstacles are headaches and a part of life, but there are reasons for them.  They are actually teachers as well, and we learn from them.  Obstacles may block our way at times, but every one of them is a learning tool.

Obstacles are a part of life.  I referenced a story about losing my keys in another  daily wisdom word definition.  today I will reference the most concurrent example I can think of.

I was driving to work years ago, and there was a detour sign in the road saying that the street I needed to take was blocked and a road block detour sign directed me to another destination.  This got me thinking.  There may have been a car accident if I had stayed on that road for all I know.

In other words there are reasons everything happen;  even obstacles in life.  Life is full of them but they always teach us something.  The things we learn from them are building blocks in our mind.  If we did not have to figure a way around them, we would not grow as individuals.

Obstacles take time out of our day, and to say the very least they can be frustrating, but not only do we learn something from them, I believe they are meant to be keeping us on some external clock we are supposed to be on because in my book, God is the director, and everything that happens including obstacles are created for a reason and that reason comes from him.

Obstacles are new in our thinking pattern as saving graces sent by God, but I am just trying to get you to open your mind up to a different line of thinking about them besides them causing frustration.  They do keep our internal and external clocks on the timing were supposed to be on.  Think about that next time your cut off by a road detour sign and have to go another direction.

I expect to see poems, stories of obstacles you’ve experienced or quotes about obstacles sent to me on the Community Poetry Page of this website or twitter or facebook, using the word obstacle within the description.  This is enjoyable for other members to read and myself so make it interesting!




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