Why is optimism so important in our lives and what is its exact definition?

Let us first take a look in the Webster Dictionary to get its exact definition and meaning:  Optimism-1.  hopefulness and confidence about the future or the successful outcome of something.  2.  the doctrine, especially as set forth by Leibniz, that this world is the best of all possible worlds.  3.  the belief that good must ultimately prevail over evil in this universe.

Daily Wisdom Word Definition:  Optimism-1.  thinking of everything in its best possible light.  An attitude of positivity which can be our main source of creativity causing things that are created to be the best they can possibly be.

Optimism can make all the difference in our world.  It is the difference between seeing the glass half empty or half full.  Optimism can mean walking around with a smile on your face or a frown on your face.  Optimism is a choice.  It is a choice between deciding to make the best possible day out of your day, or viewing it in the worst possible light.  It can also mean being responsive to the negative things that happen throughout your day or learning to shake them off as part of the day itself.

Optimism can be created.  You might wonder how you create optimism and have looked at individuals filled with it and hated them for it, Lol, but it truly can be created through something called affirmations.  Affirmations is broken down from the word, affirming, or affirming the positive.  You can wake up in the morning and while your still in that half groggy state, tell yourself, exactly how your day will go in a positive light, by simply affirming the positive as if it has already happened.   You can also reinforce these affirmations by writing them down to follow your thoughts, sort of like goal setting only, an affirmation would be stated like this if you were to write it down:  I enjoy having the best day possible, today.  The word, today is crucial because it places a time line on your affirmation.

Affirmations need to be as positive and specific as possible.  For example, what about your day do you wish to be positive if this is your affirmation.  Are you going to have a test at school you wish to do well on?  You can affirm the positive or optimistic outlook by being as specific as possible.  Instead of saying you wish to have the best day possible, you might want to say, “I enjoy receiving an A on my Biology test today.  Then, when you have done this, you wish to visualize it happening.  Picture that A written down on your paper you turn in.  The more senses you can involve in your affirmations the more powerful they will be..  This, is the most sure way to have an optimistic outlook on life, is through affirmations.

Carry optimism with you like you do your purse or wallet.  Picture optimism as an extra tool in your tool belt and use it to its fullest.  Another thing about optimism?  It spreads.  If you see someone you know, make it a point to say hello and compliment them on something you sincerely see you like about them on that day.  Daily Wisdom Words is centered around optimism even when it is writing about something that is not the happiest.

Optimism is easy to write about for me, because I truly believe it is the best possible tool we have to make our day go the best possibly it can.  If you have a flat tire, you have two choices.  Fix it, and laugh about it, or get out of the car cussing.  Either way won’t change the outcome but one will assure you that it won’t destroy your day.

I have written about one of the most powerful things you have in life that you do have control over and that is whether you will choose to have a positive, optimistic outlook on your day, or a negative, pessimistic one.  Its truly your choice!!

Thank you for reading about your daily wisdom word today, and I hope you have a blessed and beautiful day!

Samantha LeBoeuf

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