How does passion play a role in our lives and what we write? Believe it or not, writer or not, Passion is linked by its meaning alone.


First, let us take a look a partial definition of Passion in our Webster Dictionary: 1. Strong feeling; the emotions distinguished from reason. 2. Rage, anger, love an object of affection; enthusiasm; sexual desire.


Daily Wisdom Word Meaning: A meeting of emotions that make no sense logically. 2. The inspiration that makes us good at anything we do including writing.


Passion is the number one inspiration behind writing. Passion is what wakes us up in the morning for no logical reason, but a simple idea that gets us out of bed to go as quickly as we can to our notepad and write down what we are feeling passionate about. Passion is amazing because it can strike at any time when you least expect it.


Passion is the one emotion behind all the others, pushing rage to its limit, love to its limit and inspiration to its peak. Passion is that feeling when you have climbed and climbed until you have finally reached the top of the mountain and the feeling when you finally get to the top.


Passion is the feeling I have when I write for Realistic Poetry. I feel like I have finally found my calling and if Passion could be measured, which it can’t be, my cup would be overflowing. They say in life if you find your true passion, you will be the best at it that you’ve ever been at anything you’ve done in life.

The key to great writing is being able to fuel that passion into your writing like putting gasoline into a car. Passion will take a normal emotion like love and rage it out of control. Our daily wisdom word today is passion and there will never be another word like it or the power it holds behind its meaning. Use your passion to its fullest advantage no matter what you do. Use your passion to make yourself better at your writing because if you can learn to funnel your passion into your writing, you will produce the most excellent writing you’ve ever written.


Passion is the “finding the pot of gold after looking for this treasure forever”.



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