What do we mean when we refer to peace?  I am not talking about the kind of peace between nations.  I am referring to inner peace.  Where do we go to find peace within ourselves?  Let’s first take a look at peace in our Webster Dictionary to determine its definition:

Webster Definition of Peace-1.  Freedom from disturbance, quiet or tranquility.  mental calm, serenity

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of Peace-1.  A feeling within one’s mind, heart, body and soul of calmness.

Peace and tranquility within one’s self in hard to find.  In a world filled with anxiety, pressure, and little sleep when busy, peace within is nearly impossible.  I will do my best not to make this a sermon.

I know for me, however, the way I have calmed myself sometimes has been through prayer or meditation.  I suffer with an anxiety disorder, and peace is a more difficult goal than ever to reach.  Peace is about feeling content with oneself and finding happiness and calmness by accepting what you do have with gratitude, instead of stressing about what you don’t have.

How do we go about finding inner peace?  We can pray, meditate, have an attitude of gratitude for what we do have, but still sometimes all of those things aren’t fully effective.  When I am not at peace with myself, there is usually an underlying reason such as I am not doing or achieving the goals I would like to achieve or somehow I have allowed fear to control me in some way.

Fear, is the opposite of peace because when were feeling fear, we are certainly not at peace.  Start looking for peace by setting aside time in your busy day for you.  Allow yourself quiet time to just think about positive things.

Have faith in something bigger than yourself, so you don’t have to deal with the burdens in life all by yourself.  This is overwhelming.  Talk to someone you trust when your not feeling at peace.  Sometimes all we need is for someone to simply listen to us and our problems.

Finding inner peace can be a tricky act to follow, but once you find it, its something no one can ever take away from you, so isn’t it worth trying some of these suggestions to get there for yourself?

Thank you so much for reading about peace today.  Have a beautiful, blessed and peaceful day.

Samantha LeBoeuf/DWW


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