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How does one arrive at becoming a perfectionist?  Is perfectionism a genetic trait or is it some kind of expectation set with someone depending on how they are raised?  

Before we go any further, let us take a look at the Webster Dictionary for the definition of perfectionism.

Perfectionists-A person who refuses to accept any standard below perfect.

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of Perfectionism-A person with expectations from themselves and others to be better than is humanly possible.  As human beings we cannot be perfect;  therefore expecting perfection from yourself or another is not realistic.  

Is perfectionism genetic or is it “learned” behavior?  The research I did on this question suggests that it could be a little of both.  Perfectionism is best recognized for me, growing up with my older sister.  She was clearly a perfectionist.  I honestly thought, she was “perfect”.  She dressed perfectly, her closet was in perfect order, her physical appearance perfect, and she had perfect etiquette. 

I always admired my sister a great deal, and respected her in an idealistic manner.  Not only was she my older sister, she was absolutely perfect, or so it seemed.  What I didn’t realize was just how difficult be in perfect with herself was.  She had high standards for other people, but she had absolutely unrealistic, impossible expectations inside herself she struggled with.  What I didn’t realize is what a toll this expectation placed on me and was a barrier with us to be close.  I honestly didn’t think there was anything I could say that would add to or enhance what I assumed she already knew.  

What made my sister this way, and myself, and younger sister and brother so different?  This is when I think that perfectionism is genetic.  How did she end up so different than me and my brother, and younger sister, so different?   I got a glimpse into her and this answer as time progressed.  Yes, part of it could be she was born with it, but because she was the oldest one of the bunch, my mother, having been divorced twice, expected her to be a role model for all of us.  

My mother also expected her to take responsibility for our overall care.  This caused my sister to feel she had to set that perfect example for us, and yet, we turned out nothing like that.  I am referring to my brother, younger sister and myself.   My point is that our lifestyle required more out of my sister than normal because my mother expected it, but had the same expectations been placed on me, I would not have been able to meet these overall expectations regardless of this overall expectations if she had expected it from me.  She knew this, and was truly grateful to have my older sister to help out.  

I wish I was able to answer the question I opened up with regarding whether or not perfectionism was genetic or learned behavior, but the experts don’t seem to definitively answer this question either.  Thanks so much for reading about our daily wisdom word, perfectionism,  God bless you all.  Daily Wisdom Words post today on perfectionism.

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Thanks so much, 

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Ace Apayda (@guest_2933)
1 year ago

My older sister always seems to be “perfect”. Marathon runner, good job, motorcycles, lives in Thousand Oaks, etc. Yet I cannot let myself compare my life to hers – we are two completely different people. Yet when I think of perfection, I think of a higher standard without judgement. Changes in habit come slowly – 1 pushup a day. Then 2, then 3, then 4. Before you know you are doing 30 a day. Learn one sign language word a day. Learn one word in Spanish, or French, or German, or Farsi, or Gaelic, or Chinese – just whatever! I… Read more »

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