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DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE?  HAVE YOU EVER DONE SOMETHING THAT YOU NEVER THOUGHT YOU COULD?  Are we ever-changing individuals, who change with current events, or do we stay “grounded” despite what is happening around us?  Psychology would suggest internal, and Sociology would suggest external. Do we know?

Webster Meaning:  1.  Distinctive individual qualities of a person considered, collectively.  2.  Such qualities being seen as attractive to another person.  3.  A Notable person  4. Offensive remarks aimed at a person.

Daily Wisdom Words Definition:  Ones, unique qualities, tied with our soul, conscience, and upbringing, that we are aware of.  2.  What one discovers with wisdom allowing them the ability to describe who they truly are.  3.  added parts, developed over time to ones character, and LIFE EXPERIENCES.

We all have a PERSONALITY, and who we are can be changed by our upbringing, ourselves, and other environmental factors.   We can change, with how we were raised, our morals, values and unique qualities “STAMPED” to us that make us special,opinions, beliefs, and how strongly we are convicted to what we believe in.

OUR PERSONALITY can also change with things like trauma, experiences, that brand one forever, or reveal strengths they never knew they had.  Research shows, when our bodies go into fight/flight Syndrome, we are able to double or triple our strength.  We find we didn’t know ourselves as well as we thought.

You may remember that story, of the three teens locked in a basement for many years by a man named Arial Castro see: http://abcnews.go.com/US/cleveland-kidnapping-survivors-talk-forgive-ariel-castro/story?id=30532393 .  Our PERSONALITY, remains a partial mystery even to us, for some of it is not revealed, until life experiences test who you are or open your eyes to who you can be.

If I ask myself, if I would “survive” being linked to a 5 foot chain and living off one snack a day, and pregnancy, rape and fear, for years and years, as an adult, at my best, I would have to say no.


THIS event alone, had the capacity to change who we were, and yes, our personalities, to the core, I believe that who we are can be changed by environmental factors.

1. Basic Characteristics:   How much of our childhood do we remember?  What memories are distinct?  What experiences do we remember, such as where we were on 9/11 which we all remember exactly where we were on that day.

What things help “DEFINE” your personality, and what can permanently change yours?

2.  Developmental aspects:  Have we made choices in our lives to be “exactly” who we are, or did we come with  a set of directions, with step by step,instructions, on, how to build, ourselves?

3.  Factorial Characteristics:  Certain, traits, such as the way we sit, or think when our opinions are our truths?

4.  Fulfillment:  knowing your current purpose, what you want, what you need, and what your purpose is in this lifetime.  With fulfillment comes  INNER PEACE.

Personality is seen through the color of our eyes, our expressions, our hobbies, our interests, what we like and don’t like, and what we can and cannot be or do, is NOT part of it.

What we believe we can’t do, is more than we have already done.  or we simply believe in ourselves. Separate PERSONALITY, from willpower, self discipline and strength, for those are tested throughout our lives and they “change” with our experiences, and can be changed.

I read something the other day, about mental illness, and using it in law as an insanity plea.  What if it is true?  There are three different aspects that can change who you are:  MENTAL ILLNESS, our EXPERIENCES/TRAUMA, or SUBSTANCE ABUSE.  How, potentially can they change us?  If the change is negative, can we fix it?  I have broken the 3 types of change that may break down or build up who we are, having the ability to change our personality because they affect our core being, and forever change us.

1.  Mental Illness:  When we are born, there is a part of our brains, that is more sensitive, than another, or less.  Mental illness can be genetic.  Who we could be without it, or controlling it, can change our personality as well.  If it is genetic, or developed over time, determines how much mental illness can change one’s personality.  Counseling, medications, Biofeedback, (especially for Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder) may be a part of who we are, but with help, who we can be, will change our personality by changing what we experience, and how capable we can be, with help,  life.

2.  Trauma/Life Experiences:   we won a race, and we didn’t even believe we could even run, much less win,  that would change certain aspects of our PERSONALITY, causing us to believe in ourselves. “Believing in yourself, can change you forever”. If we experience violence, in a relationship, this could change, OUR PERSONALITY.  Our experiences have the ability to “develop” our personality, and activate certain areas of the brain.  For instance, criminal acts against us would  release certain chemicals, such as “Adrenalin”.  This activates a 911 distress call to the body, giving us enough strength, to fight back or handle an emergency. Trauma, such as an army guard, experiencing killing another.  Or police officers dealing with crime.  Over time, these types of events cause TRAUMA, and eventually change certain aspects of our personality.

3.  Substance Abuse or Medications:  If someone is experimenting with drugs, and does them everyday, illegal and legal, some of them actually can change the “GENETIC MAKEUP” of ONES Brain. These changes, are PERMANENT.   An example of one drug with this ability is  Crystal Methamphetamine , which has been documented, in research on the brain.  Medications in a positive note, may change us, by helping us deal/cope with Mental Illness, leading to different life experiences.

Everyone is unique, and very special in their own way…WE all are beautiful in our own way. 
Our “inner beauty is seen by others through their eyes, and sometimes, it is them, that helps us discover who we are.  What are you capable of?  What can you do?  Are you sure you know?

I get very confused, when try to I define myself, for who I am today, is not who I was two years ago. ” I continue to believe, our beauty comes from within, imperfectly perfect, lighting up our world in a unique and special way.   Who we are tomorrow, could be different, than who we are today.”   SL

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