It just occurred to me that Friday’s Picture Poetry Prompt was about the firmament: sun and moon. That’s not all. Monday’s Picture Poetry Prompt was also about this this same firmament. If you ask me, I will boldly say that this, is no coincidence. I say this because coincidence is not a word in my dictionary- I don’t believe in coincidence.

For most of you who read and follow the writing exercises on Daily Wisdom Words Picture Poetry and Music Prompt, you may have observed that I write what, when and how I feel. Have you noticed that? Well, that’s by the way.

Writers all over the globe possess various muse but something is rather too similar or should I say peculiar to writers: we cherish and admire nature. Do you have such a feel as a writer? It may not be nature for you. It may be something different.

Welcome to Daily Wisdom Words Picture Poetry Prompt. Here, we take a look at a picture- something beautiful and artistic enough for a write – and compose a poem inspired by the picture with words in title. It’s that simple.

How is it going to improve my writing skills? Listen to Robert’s testimony on YouTube.

Picture and sun. Those are the words. Can you compose a poem with it? Give it a try on Daily Wisdom Words. My name is Abuh Monday Eneojo. I will be your host. All thanks to Donna Marie for providing this picture. 

  • See picture
  • Compose a poem inspired by picture with words in title.
  • Tag a friend
  • Share with us.




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pd_adams (@guest_9332)
4 months ago

Donna Sun Ra

In my Ra room with no curtain near the rooftops
Shiny country oily roadway artsy pigeons

Unicorn dance sun rays on your red lips
Morning smile as you rise up near my edges

I will stay in this space where you enter
Wait for your new sparkle center


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