Picture Prompt: Music and Body

I saw this picture on Twitter some days again and the words that came to me were “Music and body”. The manner at which the human body reacts to sound is amazing.

You could be distressed or disturbed and then a sound from probably Andra Day or Jurivvh enters your ear and eventually clears it all up.

The synergy is mouth washing and I can tell you for a fact that you have experienced it before. How do you interpret the picture? Tell us.

This is Daily Wisdom Words Picture Prompt. My name is Abuh Monday Eneojo. I will be your host.

  • See featured picture
  • Compose a poem inspired by picture using words in the title, music and body.
  • Share with us
Abuh Monday Eneojo
Abuh Monday Eneojo is a poet and author of three books. You can check out his books on Amazon.

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