We all have a definition of what poetry is in our minds and hearts but let us dig deeper into its meaning and why it is so important.


First, let us look at the Webster definition of Poetry: 1. metrical writing. 2 Poetic or Poetical.

Daily Wisdom Word meaning: 1. A prose put together from the heart, mind and soul. 2. Writings that flow together including quotes and metaphors from the heart.

Poetry has such a broad definition because it a word with broad meaning. There are different types of poems such as a haikus, lyrical poetry, and rhyming poetry but one thing these types of poems have in common is they are written from one’s heart as well as their emotions.

Why do people write poetry? For me, it is a personal outlet of my emotions. (poetry is healing). Poetry helps me when I cannot channel my emotions in a proper direction.

Poetry brings with it passion, creativity, emotion, logical thinking, mind stimulation and healing. Poetry means so much more than the Webster Dictionary meaning to me and others. I am not the only one who feels this way, or there would not be Poetry Clubs like Realistic Poetry International available for us to join. I am a member now, and they have

expanded my definition of poetry to even to a broader scope adding words like freedom, and free rights of speech, as well as a mental tool that literally heals and calms the mind when it is filled with emotions it does not know what to do with.

Poetry is hard to define and also has such a broad definition because it means different things to different people. It is diverse in every way.


Another key point about Poetry, I feel is true is we are not born Poets. Poets can be created by exercising the right side of the brain, (our creative side) as we would any other muscle. Due to its diverse definition, anything can be a poem if it is intended to be one, and if it is written from the heart.


Try writing a poem if you never have before. You may just be surprised at what turns up on the piece of paper you wrote it on and if shared, the connection your poem makes to another who may be experiencing what your writing about.


Creative writing is also another form of Poetry. Poetry, sadly seems to play less of a role in schools than it ever has before based on the recent feedback I got from parents after running a survey across twitter asking how important it was to parents. Many parents said there was not enough creative writing in their schools as required subjects or electives.


Poetry to me means beauty. It is pure with good intentions. It has the power to inspire others, and the ability to free ones soul of unnecessary burdens. I am so thankful it is still a part of our world.


Remember: We are all perfectly “imperfect” human beings and our need for positive outlets for certain emotions can be satisfied through poetry. Thank you as always for reading and I would love to hear your comments on Poetry and this article.


Samantha Leboeuf




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