Poetry is a part of me.  My outlet for the soul…Poetry can be anything, and does not always rhyme.  One thing about poetry is true…It is a part of someones soul that is so inspired, they feel they must write it down…..Today’s Wisdom Word Definition is below:

Darkness overcomes her mind,

Leaving her completely blind
no choice she had to leave behind,
All  the change, she lost her mind
her memories froze, she broke apart
too many changes, light to dark
like precious china that easily breaks,
she has locked the door to her mistakes
One might question who she chose,
not even she, truly knows
she only knows what she can’t feel
When did it all stop being real?
She broke in pieces from all the change
too much for her, she, unable to rearrange
why did she choose to leave?
This is can’tI don’t believe  
who was she then,
when did she begin,
escaping all, she changed within
Can’t help but think of memories past
her warmth, her love, Jesus at last..
now she feels that its too late,
too much to fix, the china plate
How does she cope?  she blocks the past

Is this a bad dream?  why does it last?

she then feels numb,

the pain now overcome

when did she crack? what did she see? 

another version of who she’d be?

if she did, she would see, 
there is hope and change could be

For if she did, all the mistakes
like China, fragile, her choice it takes,

I believe that if she asked,

The Lord would forgive her past

all she needs is time away,

From others’ too lost,
to find their way….

If only she could see,

to live in darkness, shes not free..

She was loved that’s all I know

So sadly we must let her go

for she has choices she must make

she allows herself, to avoid whats at stake

 she can’t turn around to others voices,
taking no accountability for her choices

I must tell the truth, I sometimes cry

I think of you and wonder why
the darkness takes our soul in trade,
that sadly, is the price you paid

there was a letter you helped write,
after receiving a call, to make it right..
he apologized to you for his mistake,
you talked it, so sad to take..
a relationship you don’t care, I know
gone awry by threats, an evil blow

The email sent, isn’t anyone I know,
Just you overseeing the devil below
were you aware of the months money he spent
to help your kids, that is better lent

Have you ever took the word DEVIL
Just write it backwards,
LIVED, as in the past
how long do you feel this can last?

I felt inspired to write this today,

in hopes you will see it along the way..
the love is still there, you need not pay
I pray you’ll find the light someday…….

S. Leboeuf

“Poetry is the fine art of expression”…..SL

Writing Poetry, or anything about my feelings is therapeutic for myself.  I recommend keeping a journal with your Goals, wisdom wishes, wisdom wonders, and writing down affirmations..  This can lead to narrowing down negative thoughts, due to expunging your feelings on paper.  There are various “types” of poetry but I have always found, rather than writing with logic, poetry is best when inspired by feelings in one’s heart….

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