We all pray in one way or another…I like to #pray from my heart and I can feel when my prayer is mechanical verses from the heart.  Sometimes, when I have guilt over something I have said or done, I don’t feel worthy of prayer but that is the very time when we all should pray for forgiveness.

There are #wisdom #words that go hand in hand with praying.  Two of those that come to mind are #grace and forgiveness.  How can you pray with grace without forgiveness in your heart?

#Webster definition of #Prayer- a set order of words used in praying. b : an earnest request or wish. 2 : the act or practice of praying to God or a god. kneeling in prayer.

Daily Wisdom Word meaning:  A heartfelt request, wish for ourselves or another to God.

Prayer to me, is vital.  It is my way of confession, relief from obsession, and asking for forgiveness for myself, or praying for others and their wellbeing.  Prayer must be from the heart.  I believe prayers are heard louder when they are “prayers of the heart”.  I believe prayers for others can help in relieving anger and resentment towards another, and it has been proven in studies, that the more prayers there are, the more success these prayers have in being answered. 

 A study was done on sick individuals who were not prayed for by a church or group, and sick individuals who were prayed for by a church, loved ones and groups and the healing rate was significantly higher in the group of sick patients than for those who had not been prayed for.  

When I read this, I was fascinated, and to get started with prayer, we first have to believe there is something bigger than ourselves to pray to.  For myself, that is God.  

I also believe that others should not be judged for their beliefs.  Just because I place so much #power in prayer, does not mean others must as well for me to respect them.

We are all a creation of God, and he made each of us different for a reason: Imagine if we were all the same!  The world would no longer be fascinating as the beauty of our world is mainly due to the people in it.  SL

Kindly share your thoughts, and perspectives, or any incident that you’ve had, which applies to the daily wisdom word…. or Please click on Google+1 if you like, and share it with another if you think they might enjoy it…

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