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Why is progression an important daily wisdom word?  Progression is about human growth.  Before we go any further, let’s take a look at the meaning of progression in our Webster Dictionary.

Progression-The process of developing or moving gradually to a more advanced state.

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning for Progression-moving forward with our growth as an individual.  Sometimes during progression, we take one step back then two steps forward.

We’re always progressing forward.  Whether it be our age, ourselves emotionally, or moving towards getting better at something we begin with like a hobby or sport, this is progression.  We are human beings and therefore not perfect.  When were progressing, sometimes we self-sabotage ourselves and will take a step backwards.  For example, let’s say we know we need to stop drinking.  We have a problem with it and it has begun to create more problems in our lives than should be.

We find ourselves having blackouts, and not remembering the night before when we did drink.  We find, that after two or three drinks, we don’t want to stop drinking and continue on making it more of a problem than just social drinking.  We stop drinking because we know that is what is best for us, and we make a resolution to do this.  This is progression.  We then have a night where we find ourselves drinking again, and we find ourselves self-talking and justifying just this once, we can drink again, because we have been able to stop.  This is self-sabotaging because we quit for a reason in the first place.  We now have “regressed” into the same place we had been, but we realize the next day with the hangover and the same things happening before that forced us to quit drinking in the first place happened all over again.

We then move back into a state of progression with a stronger resolve than ever to quit drinking even if it means going to Alcoholics Anonymous to get help because we can’t do it alone.  This is progression at its highest level because were being brutally honest with ourselves.  Progression is a natural state of growing, not without its imperfections along the way.

Progression can be as simple as growing older every year physically or it can go deeper into the question, as we are getting older, are we progressing emotionally?  Progression is a fascinating thing once we start looking at it on a deeper level than just growing older.  Are we emotionally and psychologically advancing with our age?  Progression can also be as simple as growing in a skill or hobby we try and getting better at it over time.

Take a serious look at your life and ask yourself if your progressing or stuck in one state between progression and regression.  If you are, then it is time to make changes.  We were designed to continue growing throughout our lifespan, whether in age or perhaps in wisdom and skill level.  What we couldn’t understand when we were younger about our behavior or someone else’s we, after years of growing finally do understand.

This post is longer than my usual oncs because there is a lot to cover with progression.  Are we growing psychologically as well?  This happens for us in the form of trial and error and learning right from wrong.  If you take a look at narcissists or psychopaths, one thing that happens is their brains don’t develop like a normal one does.  With a narcissist, they don’t progress emotionally.  They are surface people who learn their emotions by watching others experience theirs instead of experiencing these feeling themselves.

Psychopaths learn any empathy they might feel by mimicking others and their empathy as well as when they feel it and under what situations they feel it in.  Progression is not a part of the narcissists growth.  They simply mimic the emotions of others.

Progression for the normal human being however, happens over time and experience but we can also stop progressing when we find ourselves in a rut in our lives;  one in which we are not growing.  Ask yourself after reading this, if your progressing at the right pace in the right areas.  Are you growing into your life, or are you avoiding doing so because growth can be painful?  No matter how old you get to be, you should always be growing as an individual and if your not, you will find yourself discontent in your life which is your first clue that your not progressing as you should be.

Make a choice to change this.  Only you can change your life and put it back on course for growing as an individual.  Whether it be staying and getting healthier physically or growing emotionally in a relationship, you should always be progressing and this can be uncomfortable at times.  When we get in a comfort zone, this is where we want to stay but that is not necessarily what is best for us.  In fact, it can slow us down from being at the growing point in our lives we need to be at.

You see this a lot with men that get into relationships and women too, where they are comfortable. One of the most common things they say to their partner and themselves is, “why change things and move towards a deeper commitment”?  This can cause us to forget why we wanted a committed relationship to begin with.  Perhaps, when we got into the relationship, we wanted a partner we could have children with, or move towards getting married, but we allow ourselves to get into a comfort zone and it is easier to stay where things are at, rather than make the change towards progression.  This is common for us as human beings.  We feel more comfortable where we are currently at, but in the end is this the goal we started out with in this relationship, or are we just scared to change?

I have raised some important points in this blog today, and I hope you will read it and do a temperature check in your own life in all areas of it.  Why?  Because without growth, we become stagnant and where were at is certainly not where our partner is at who may be wanting what you first told her or him you wanted from a relationship in general.

Thanks so much for reading about progression today.  Beneath this article, is a “join the discussion box” where you can leave a comment, poem or quote about progression and your thoughts on it.  I would love to hear from you, so please, step out of your comfort zone and leave comments on how you feel about progression in your life and how you are handling it in general.

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Have a wonderful day!

Samantha Leboeuf/DWW

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