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What is propagation and when do we see it used the most?  Let us first take a look at propagation in our Webster Dictionary.

Propagation-1.  The breeding of specimens of a plant or animal by natural processes from the parent stock.  reproduction by natural processes  2.  The act of promoting or spreading an idea, theory, ect.

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of Propagation-1.  The process of cultivating others to believe as you do about a specific idea, thought or theory.

We most often see propagation in politics or cults that are started.  Propagation, like President Trump’s campaign is so powerful, it turned the United States from the beginning believing one thing about Donald Trump to a completely other thing.  We ended up thinking  a man with a bad reputation was a man that could turn our whole country around.

Donald Trump did a brilliant job at campaigning and spreading his message across America, leading us to believe he could make changes world-wide.  What he did not factor in with his propagation was that there would be other forms of government such as the house or legislation that could veto his ideas.

Propagation is like anything and has a good and bad side, but the most serious violation of propagation is when you see a cult leader converting others to believe as they do and it goes so far right of the progressive movement and laws we have set in place for our protection, it becomes dangerous.

We can look at what happened with Jim Jones, the minister, who founded the Peoples Temple and set up his own community which he led and ruled as recently as the 1970’s after building a congregation over here in the United States.  He ended up convincing others after having one of his congregation shoot a senator and other’s that had been invited to his “congregation” for a visit, to commit mass suicide.

Cults can lead to mass propagation.  The important thing we need to always remember is that we are unique and we are different.  That stands for each and every one of us and it is important that we remain open minded, but also always stick to our principles.

Thank you so much for reading about propagation today.  Please think about what you have read about, and scroll down beneath this article when finished and leave a comment, where it says, “join the discussion”.  This allows all of us to input our ideas for others to read!  After all, I don’t want propagation to become a pattern with my thoughts and ideas alone.

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Samantha Leboeuf/DWW

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