What is a quill?  How does a quill have to do with poetry?  Let us first take a look at the meaning of a quill in our Webster Dictionary:

Quill-1.  any of the main wing of the tall feathers of A bird.  2.  a pen made from a main wing or tall feather of a large bird by pointing and slitting the end of a shaft.

Daily Wisdom Word meaning of a quill-1.  a pen made out of the large feathers of a bird preferred by poets to write with, even today.  There are much more modern pens, but a quill is still the pristine ink pen for writing poetry with.

A quill is a special pen, and still used today to write with,, although there are many other modernized pens to write with, the history of the quill makes it ideal in writing poetry.  A Quill was used to write the declaration of independence.

There is a step by step process in making a quill, as you can’t just take a feather and dip it into ink and expect it to write.  Quills are made out of the large feathers of goose, swan and turkey, although feathers of crow,eagle, owl or hawk may be used to try to harden its shaft.  Some methods place shaft of the feather into hot ashes until it is soft.  After that, father is flattened on a hard surface with a pen knife and rounded with fingers.

Other methods of designing a quill use hot water or sand, but the main idea is to cure the feather and make it more flexible so it can withstand longer writing.  After the curing, next step is removing the point of the feather with a small knife.  The point is removed under the angle not far from the point and the upper side of the quill.  It makes an oval hole.  Then a slit is made on the tope side of the quill with the same pen knife.  The slit will lead the ink of the shaft to the point of the quill by capillary action.  The corners of both sides are cut off, and this will create a writing pen that will allow one to write a long time!

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