What is radiance?  Why do we need radiance in our lives?  Let us first take a look at the meaning of radiance in our Webster Dictionary.

Radiance-1.  Great happiness, apparent in someone’s expression or bearing.  2.  A glowing quality of the skin, especially as indicative of good health or youth

Daily Wisdom Word Definition-Radiance-the look internally reflected externally when someone is truly happy within.

Radiance is beautiful.  You can see it in children’s eyes at Christmas time and you can see it at a wedding when a couple who is truly in love is getting married.

I remember my daughter’s wedding.  She and her husband have been married five years and are very much in love.  I remember sitting there watching them say their vows and how happy they were and my daughter was just glowing along with her husband to be as they said them.

Radiance can be seen when someone exercises and endorphins are produced and this person knows they have done something good for themselves.  I have seen radiance only when the happiness a person emits is internal and it shines through them as an individual.  I have seen Radiance in someone who truly believes in something positive like God and celebrates it and believes in what their heart wants to believe in.

Radiance is within the soul.  The soul feels alive when it exhibits radiance and shines through the individual feeling it.  It is special and uncommon but it is noticeable when someone has it within their soul.

Another kind of radiance in the kind emitted from the sunshine in the sky.  It is beautiful, and can make a day be the brightest, the sky look bluer, and put you in a general better mood because you feel good vibes while under radiance.  The two definitions are not that much different.  Radiance is special and one of the wonderful wisdom words we still have remaining in this world.

Thank you so much for reading about radiance today and may life bless you with some additional radiance in your life and may we all experience it as much as is possible.

Samantha LeBoeuf/DWW

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