What does having rapport with someone mean?  Let us take a look at the Webster Definition of rapport first and we will explore this further.

Rapport-1.  A close and harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned understand each other’s feelings and communicate well.

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of Rapport-Having a certain bond or kinship with those your interacting with, especially when this bond allows you to share different thoughts and ideas and understand the meaning behind each other’s thoughts and ideas.

Rapport is something to be respected, since it doesn’t always happen between people interacting.  It is a bond.  When you can share your thoughts with another or a group and have them understand your meaning behind these thoughts and ideas, this is rapport.

Let’s say your having a party and you invite a group of guests.  When there is rapport, there is an unspoken chemistry behind all people there and you can tell this because as each person mingles with others there, they seem to connect in a deep way.

Rapport can often be felt when you interview for a job.  You know when you go in there with the interviewer if you clicked with them or you didn’t.  When you have felt this rapport, you have shared the same vision with this company the interviewer is looking for to interview you a second time or hire you.  When we have rapport with others, we can finish each other’s sentences because we know where they are coming from with their thoughts and ideas and the meaning behind them because we share in them.

We can also have rapport when we first meet someone, connecting with them through these shared ideas and thoughts.  It is something we feel more than think, I believe.  We seem to feel when another person likes us and we bond with them.  This is the feeling of having rapport.  Rapport is wonderful to have with another, because the conversation seems to flow effortlessly.

Who do you know in your life you started off when you met them having an instant rapport with?  Chances are your still close/closer with them than the day you met and they are still in your life in one capacity or another.

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Samantha Leboeuf/DWW

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