There is so much to say about the wisdom word, Reality.

Lets start off with the Webster meaning to analyze this word:   Reality, according to our dictionary, is a “the quality or state of being real”  The totality of real things and events”.  a state of being”.

What is your reality?  Why is it important for you to be conscious of it?  I think Sometimes, reality can be the best dose of medicine someone can take for their symptoms.  Oftentimes, lets face it:  Reality, isn’t always fun and it isn’t always pleasant.

Why do you think, we find so many ways to escape it?

We watch Television, or drink, or abuse, use, or lose loved ones throughout life, and sometimes, we realize we’ve taken the good for granted, when we are living through our bad times in life.  Reality, I have learned, is “what it is”, and sometimes, when we feel like we losing our mind because life is tricky and we have decisions on what direction we are going to take.  One thing about reality?  We all have one.

 So,my point? Reality is not so much, how bad or good it is for us at the moment, but much more how we cope, or deal with it when reality becomes difficult.  You see it in yourself.  We have all felt at times, like we want to run, and keep on running, but eventually, the path comes to a dead end.  You can’t go left or right or straight anymore.  Reality is just like that.  WE must eventually face it, when its good, its easy, and when its bad, its difficult.   but all the same, it is life.  Reality, as Webster says, is a state of being”.  I feel it is “our state of being.”

Reality is life.  Reality is our personal journey of travel, but how we travel, is up to us!  Do we fly, drive, walk, crawl, run, or do we hide behind lies and escape?  Again, our personal choice. Do we go left, or right? We can always use a compass(wise decision making) to help us with that direction.

 I personally like to think of reality as my daily destination, and my triumphs and hardships,  just stops, along the way.  I can choose, how I want to deal with it, but there is one thing about reality:  Everyone has one.   They can live it dead, or they can live it through a haze or they can live it with acceptance, grace, happiness, and shifting their focus on small or big accomplishments.

Another thing so important?  We get to choose our attitude.  We can wake up every morning and decide to be happy, sad, or just accepting and living in Gods love, and giving to others, as best we can.  We may not be able to manually fix their destination device, but we can give them direction, on how to fix it.

We live our reality, happy or sad, but I prefer to live it rather that putting my energy into finding ways to escape it.  WE all must live in “our state of being”, eventually anyway.  I try to spend my time finding ways to cope, rather than escape reality, because lets face it.  Reality can be a tough place at any given point in our lives.  This is why it is so very important to treasure the beauty in those wonderful moments that make memories in life.

I have learned, that my journey or destiny, is never in my control.. God controls the overall picture, but he did give us the power of choice:  We can choose to make the very best of our reality no matter what the circumstances.

Pack well, for your journey in life.  Rather than escape reality, find ways to cope with it when the ride gets bumpy.  How do you deal with your personal reality?  Are you coping or escaping it? Ask yourself that. Did you pack well for your trip for the day?   Always, be honest with yourself.  If, your not coping, find ways to cope.  I have found throughout my life, when I’ve had moments I wish to escape, instead of withdrawing, If I reach out, there are loving hands of others willing to help.

Most important? Pray to God for strength, and pray for his guidance.  He is our best compass in this life.   Pray for God’s wisdom.  I know he inspires what I write, and maybe, just maybe, you will read some wisdom in mine making your reality better for the day.  SL

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