Life is a bed of roses
but most humans go into it,
shed their thorns and make
It difficult for others to live.

Abuh Monday Eneojo.

The watermark of life is simplicity. I will definitely say this anywhere. Every morning, I take a long walk from my residence to the junction where I can board a vehicle heading to my place of work. Sometimes I see it as stress. Other times I just bounce on its back like a happy would on its mother’s back or chest.

Life is simple. I’ll prove my point. For everything you ever need in this world there’s a place to get it but in this time and age with the head space of the next big approach to wealth you find people struggling to get what they want because of the people who are in position to give it to them. That in itself does not makes life difficult or a bed of thorns as some would want to put it.

If that was the case, then, birds would angrily take a leak on every available head they spot from the sky because we have made ourselves lords over the earth- we are choking it.

Life is a bed of roses
but most humans go into it,
shed their thorns and make
It difficult for others to live.

I’ll leave you to it. Before I do, hold on to this: we are the problem. On that note, I say welcome to Daily Wisdom Words Picture Poetry Prompt. Participation is quite easy.

  • See picture
  • Compose a poem inspired by picture with words in title, roses and thorns.
  • Share with us

I amΒ Abuh Monday Eneojo. I kinda like talking so let’s talk about it. I’ll be your host.

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DebbyK (@guest_9540)
19 days ago

Covered in petals
sweet scented with desire
flowers you’ve given her
go along with your love
I’d have given anything
to have had roses of red
my vase still sits empty
beside a heart torn
Maybe one day
my prince will come
until then I sleep restlessly
upon this bed of thorns

CurvyRedGurl (@guest_9539)
19 days ago

The tea, edible and colorful
flavors & petals mingling together
beautiful combination, delicious I sip.
Releasing the thorns of a hurtful day
relaxing into the comfort of a thousand threads. -Amberdawn, CRG.

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