What does Satire mean and how does it play a role in our lives?

Satire means, according to the Webster Dictionary, this:  Satire-1.  the use of humor, irony, exaggeration or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.  2.  a play, film or other work that uses satire.  3.  A genre of literature characterized by the use of satire.

A good example of satire is Saturday Night Live.  Saturday Night Live uses Satire when they are emulating Donald Trump and his quirky personality traits.  They exaggerate these traits making them seem far more apparent than they really are.  This is an example of Satire!  Satire is used in other Saturday Night Live Skits too, just watch the show if you haven’t already.

Be careful with the use of Satire around sensitive people like myself who get their feelings hurt easily.  I know my brother is a classic example of someone who uses satire as a form of humor with everyone.  For some reason, every time he uses it with me it hurts my feelings.  He starts off ridiculing personality traits I have, and uses this for his humor at the expense of my feelings.  Satire, can hurt people’s feelings depending on how sensitive they are.  I find it best to leave Satire on the campaign trail and even then there is a fine line that should be drawn between that and good old fashioned humor.

What is the difference between Satire and humor?  Humor does not take personal qualities of another and use them to ridicule another.  Satire uses personal qualities of another in front of them, and does use those qualities at the center of their humor such as the above example of my brother.

Either way,  it is always prudent to keep in mind that other people’s feelings are always at expense with satire.  Politics is one thing.  We kind of expect a little Satire here and there with Politics, using examples of other politicians personality and traits.  We have seen politics get down and dirty during political races, especially candidates seeking Presidency of the United States.  There are many examples of past elections that I can use, the worst being the campaign of Trump and Hilary Clinton.  Both candidates got downright ugly when pointing out weaknesses of the other using Satire, and it took a long time for some of Trumps jokes to go away even after he won the election.

Everyone might remember his saying, “lock her up.  lock her up” referring to Hilary Clinton.  That saying is still in effect.  I saw it used on a news report just recently at one of Trumps rallies.  I believe Trump feels its always important to use Satire but have noticed he is very sensitive to it himself when others use it with him.  Be careful when using Satire.  Sometimes, a simple, old fashioned sense of humor is a wiser choice.  Thank you for reading about Daily Wisdom Words today.  Have a beautiful and pleasant day.  Samantha Leboeuf


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