What is a Scotoma?

Let us take a look at the Webster Meaning of Scotoma and go from there: 1. A partial loss of vision or a blindspot or field. 2. Our inability to see or understand something that is fairly obvious to others. They are blindspots to truths and realities.

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning. 1. A blind spot existing within our thinking perspective. Those that are close minded due to this blind spot that exists for some when the thought process is very clear to most.

What is a metaphorical scotoma? This is where daily wisdom words comes into play. We take a word and analyze it and break it down. We all have scotoma’s that are not perceived which is what makes them scotomas. While most of us may see a thought process so clearly, others with scotomas cannot see it at all.

A great example of a mental scotoma that many people had many years ago was thinking the world is flat. Who knows how this belief became understood, but a scotoma has stopped many potential advances in the science world, such as our viewpoints on energy and many other things we are just beginning to form a hypothesis on that may or may not be true.

There is testing for Scotoma, physically as some do have a blind spot literally with their vision, but that is not the meaning I would like to focus on. I am referring to the psychological blindspot we mentally have that does not let us allow for another perspective or viewpoint of something. This blind spot cheats us from being able to be open minded, and the most intelligent people are those with an open mind.

Scotoma’s cheat us from being able to understand and comprehend a thought process others are thinking of. This does not allow us to grow intelligently, mentally, psychologically and in many ways causes us to be close minded thinkers. There are psychological tests for Scotoma’s as well as visual tests such as the testing for peripheral vision which is a good analogy for any scotoma where there is diminishished or degenerated visual acuity that is surrounded by a field of normal vision.

We are cheated, with our vision just the same as we psychologically are with mental scotoma’s. Fortunately there are tests for these types of scotomas too, and those that once thought they were open minded, find they are not as open minded as they may have assumed. Don’t allow your scotoma’s to get in the way of your thinking to the point that, like Columbus, you have to “sail around the world” to prove otherwise. Be openminded to all ideas and thoughts because like many who have been so sure they were right in the past, they have not been when all the facts came out.

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Have a beautiful and blessed day.

Samantha Leboeuf

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Lee (@guest_236)
2 years ago

Very interesting, thanks for this!

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