What is serenity?  What makes serenity so beautiful?  Let us first take a look at the definition of serenity from our Webster Dictionary:

Serenity:  1.  The state of being calm,peaceful and untroubled.  2.  a title given to a reigning prince or similar dignitary

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning of Serenity-The state of peacefulness an individual has inside their heart when all is right in their world.  A state of feeling light, for lack of burdens upon ones shoulders because they are at peace with themselves and the world.

Serenity is a beautiful feeling on the inside of being completely relaxed and at peace with yourself and others.  Serenity is brought about by feeling calm yourself and it starts on the inside, traveling outwards.  Serenity is a feeling one gets when they have made peace with all of the possible things that can bring them a feeling of unsettling inside.  Serenity is the calm before the storm, if there is ever to be a storm at all.

Serenity takes place after you have done the work inside yourself to be a better person.  Serenity brings back your childhood days mentally, because very little bothered you then.  You probably remember that serenity and peace you felt as a child when you were one before you grew into an adult and let all the outside stressors get to you as a person.  It is much easier as an adult to let others get to you as a child does.  There is beauty in serenity and you can see it in a person’s eyes when one is feeling it.

Serenity can also be felt when you release control of your stressors to a higher power such as God.  When we give away our trying to fight for control over everything in our lives and release it to something bigger than ourselves.  Serenity is not only from peace itself.  Serenity also occurs with relaxation so a good workout can bring on serenity as it releases all the tension from us temporarily.

Remember:  you can obtain more serenity in your life by turning your life and will over to a higher power, through exercise, through meditation, through relaxation with breathing techniques, and through affirmations about serenity and remaining calm.

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