For the past one month, i have been seeing a movie that revolves around ships and water. It was actually a great experience for me because it, in a way, talked about the pandemic in the world, the life of sailors, hectic nature of finding a cure, world power and survival. I want you to see this series. The title is THE LAST SHIP.

Trust me, it was not just for the fun of it. It was basically fun and knowledge. Seeing this series made me remember a book i did not finish as an undergraduate because of the diction. Moby Dick. Do you know or have read the book?

Let us go straight into DWW PICTURE POETRY.

  • see picture
  • Compose a poem inspired by picture with words in title.
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CurvyRedGurl (@guest_8450)
7 months ago

Seeking refuge from a tyrannical monarchy
loaded the ship and traveled the sea
Sailors adventure across the water
fear of a flattened planet
the drama to fall off it
Must keep the mast repaired
for when they land
greeting the Natives a drama ensnares.
A quick hypocrisy
refugees quickly become the tryanny
bring enslavement, torture, disease and disorder.
These are the memories this image brings to me. -Ad (CRG)

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