NOTICE: This post may not be appeasing to some.

I received a call from my sister yesterday. It just so happens that she had been admitted to a hospital. After the call, i hurried to pack my luggage and the hospital to check up on her and know for sure what was wrong with her at that time.

When i got the hospital, i was faced with many things. I had to get some things for her with the very minimal strength i had- was coming from a prayer camp some 7 Kilometers away from my sister. It was damn hectic. I would walk from the ward she was to the Lab, Pharmacy, X-ray room and fruit shop.

“From our diagnosis, she had Sub-Acute Appendix. We would place her on a 48 hours watch to determine our next line of action. Please get these drugs for her”

When i walked into the ward at first, i saw an elderly woman on another bed battling with breath. From all that was gathered, her body was refusing any form of medication with blood all over her bed. I could hear try to breath with the aid of the machine but it still wasn’t working.

Some minutes after i went out to get the drugs for my sister…was already heading back to the ward. I heard loud screams. Joy, my sister was already up. I guess she was restless because of the sudden death and screams inside the ward.

All i could do was take the stress off my feet and sit down on a plastic chair that conveniently housed my buttocks. Afterwards, i stared at the corpse that was struggling to breathe some 15 minutes ago. Truth be told, that was the first time i had seen, up close, that kind of transition. May her soul rest in peace.

Initially, i sent @slleboeuf an email telling her that i may not host the prompt this week but i guess i just could not help but come up and do something. Let’s talk about sickness and death with a poem. Tell me what you think!

  • See picture
  • Compose a poem inspired by picture
  • Share with us

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Reenie (@guest_8921)
4 months ago

Omg- Abuh- I am so sorry you had to see that! I send prayers your way for you and your sister. Why didn’t they immediately take out your sisters appendix? I’ve never heard of them waiting- It can burst! And you really don’t need it. What did they end up doing? Oh Abuh-2020 sucks for everyone! Let’s hope and pray for a fabulous 2021 my friend. 🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️ Tomorrow is the anniversary of my mom’s passing. I still miss her- she was my best friend. But I picture her in Heaven playing Bingo and I know she is happy. We are… Read more »

pd_adams (@guest_8919)
4 months ago

Well I dreamed I saw an ambulance singing
something about sisterhood
There were campers praying & brothers rushing
against the gushing flood

I saw a Fruit Shop down the hall
tho my eyes were bloodshot
It carries the disguise I run

Humanity under the gun
in twenty twenty one

Samantha Leboeuf (@slleboeuf)
4 months ago
Reply to  pd_adams

wonderful poem….very touching

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