Our Daily Wisdom Word today is:  Sincerity.  How does being sincere or sincerity reflect from our character?  Sincerity is a sign that someone has integrity and can interact with others comfortably as who they are.  When someone with sincerity says something or makes a promise, you know they will follow through with their word.  If a person with sincerity is asked a question, you can be comfortable in knowing that they speak the truth.  Truth, integrity, sincerity, are all very important wisdom words.  When one cannot be sincere, sadly, they may also lack rigorous honesty and capability to be truthful.  If we can’t trust in the person one presents themselves to be in every aspect, we assume they lack sincerity. 

Let us take a look at the meaning of sincerity in our Webster Dictionary.  Webster Dictionary meaning of Sincerity-1.  The quality of being free from pretense, deceit, or hypocrisy.

 Daily Wisdom Word Definition of Sincerity-1.  one who is righteous in character, honesty as well as genuine.  

I feel having sincerity is a must when I interact with others. I decide if I wish to be friends with them, have any kind of further interaction with them or have a relationship with them in any capacity based on sincerity.  I feel they must be genuine to be honest.  Because we are all human, when we do make a mistake, by being sincere and taking ownership of this mistake, it leaves the door open for them to remain in a relationship with us if they choose.  A sincere person is one who not only has character, but they are comfortable with themselves and who they are. 

Sincere individuals do they very best to do what is right.  They hold passion in what they believe.  Sincerity has become harder to see or find with others because our world is based on pretenses.  If someone cannot be sincere with you or is not real when they are around you, they may be incapable of sincerity.   showing and having sincerity gives us a message we can respect them.  To expect another to be sincere, we must be sincere ourselves.  Digging deeper into yourself, ask yourself if you are a sincere person. Oftentimes when we are sincere, we anticipate and assume others are as well.  Sincerity is not always a given.  Sometimes when others we care about let us down and can’t own up to it, for example, a lie they may tell us, and this pattern repeats itself, yet we choose to expect them to be sincere, we are choosing to stay in a relationship where we are always disappointed.  It takes “sincerity” to be or have the tools to show who you are at the very least knowing your strengths and weaknesses.  Sincerity is one way we judge others when deciding they have integrity.  I believe having others around you who are sincere, you can interact with them on a deeper level.  Ask yourself how you rate your own sincerity.  Are you real with others?  Are you truthful?   When you make a mistake, can you own up to it, learn from it and not repeat it again?  These are all very important questions and qualities to admire when we meet the individuals who have sincerity.  

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