Souvenirs are keepsakes we take along the way in life. Souvenirs leave a lasting impression in our memory box.

Let us take a look at the Webster Meaning of Souvenirs-1. Something serving as a reminder of a person, place or event.

Souvenirs are those things we keep on top of our closets in boxes or on shelves and old shoe containers with lids that show a part of our history. I don’t know about you, but I have kept all my old high school yearbooks, junior high school memories, and even elementary school and from college on. My marriage, my children’s births, their birthing books, and pictures, yes, we all have those, tons and tons of pictures.

It tends to make me sad to look through the pictures and realize my children are now all grown up themselves and out of college. Souvenirs can make us happy too, though. If it were not for those souvenirs, how much would you really remember about the past? Is it important to remember about our pasts? If you are like me and are sentimental, it is very important.

Souvenirs are not always so positive. For example, the other day I found an old speeding ticket in my closet full of troves and that reminded me I needed to slow down! Treasure your souvenirs, the good and the bad because they are what have brought you here today, exactly where you were meant to be, and those things cannot all be remembered.

Were you aware that it is thought the brain retains every single memory that it has ever been exposed to? Research shows that even when we are in the womb, there is some evidence to suggest that we are recording memory even as early as development of the fetus.

These facts cannot be fully proven yet, but if you look at the latest research on MRI’s it does tend to support that

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