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How can spirituality benefit us?  This word, contrary to what you may have heard, is not about religion, although you can be of a particular religion and still be a spiritualist. Spirituality does not “lock” us into any religion.  It is belief in being kind, and having moral values regardless of the material things one has as a spiritual person.  The spiritually based individual  does not judge material wealth as very important, but instead places a great deal of value in being spiritual and how far we can transcend when one is a spiritual individual . Let’s take a look at the Webster Meaning of the word, spirituality as well as the daily prayer .

Webster Definition of spirituality-The quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.  

Daily Wisdom Words Definition-placing priorities that reflect your beliefs  in the proper order listing spiritual activities a number one to guide your life.  

Definition of religious spirituality-This is the basis of serving God to show your spirituality and is How Christianity defines itself.  

There is no room for a big ego when a person is spiritual.  Ego based personalities, surrounded by financial success does not motivate the spiritually based person.  This does not mean that a person is “a bad person” if they wish to be a spiritually based individual Spiritually driven personality types place heavy weight on their spiritual happiness which is happiness based on things “close to home”.  Family life, meditation, studying their spiritual doctrine, are all very important to the Spiritually or Religion based individual.  

If a person is one of high spirituality, they are not concerned about a particular religion.  They are concerned with their dedication to that which enriches the soul and heart.  You can be a person that goes to a particular church and still be a person with high spiritual value.  

Church for the spiritually based person can enhance their spirituality.  But, whether or not your Catholic, Baptist, Jewish or a Buddhist, is irrelevant.   

Some of the positives,about being a person of spirituality is kindness to others s well as their nature and environment.  Spirituality is completely different than being religious, and being religious, completely different than being spiritual. 

Spirituality stands for lifestyles and practices that embody a vision of human existence and how the human spirit is to reach its full potential.

It is interesting to note that a person who is spiritual, in a non-religious context is called, “secular spirituality”.  There is also a term called a “secular saint” which is a person whose spirituality is not based on a particular religion are people who are famous for their selfless contribution to society and ability to inspire others.  

There are four different “types” of spirituality:  ascetical, mystical, active-practical, and prophetic practical.  The different types of spirituality foster self-transcendence and transformation is a movement away from what they see as inauthentic to authentic.  They seek to answer questions such as where transformation took place, (practices or way of life)and what the ultimate purpose of transformation is or the, “human destiny”.

The term spiritual capital refers to the potential value of spirituality in our everyday lives.  This concept is used in favor of a “successful life” and involves multiplying the value of society at large of spiritual, moral, or psychological beliefs and practices.  

There is also the term, spiritual intelligence that is popular to explain the thinking of a spiritual person who is dedicated to his personal growth.  Spiritual Intelligence seeks to provide a spiritual equivalent to the importance in human flourishing of the intellect and emotion.  The culture of spiritual intelligence enables us to better access out deepest meaning and highest motivations.  

The final breakdown of what serious spirituality is all about was found on research done on the internet.   I want to make sure I am honest with our daily wisdom words readers what I “know and don’t know” and enjoy learning with you doing articles like this.  

Thanks so much for reading about spirituality today.  I hope you have a well rounded understanding of what it means now when we think of Gandhi and other famous spiritualists.  

Have a beautiful and blessed day.  Remember to scroll down beneath this article where it says, “Join the discussion”  and leave a comment, quote or poem about “spirituality”.  If there is something regarding additional information you can add to help us understand spirituality, please do share in our comment box where it says, “join the discussion”. again.  

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Shirley Mandel Sa (@guest_2966)
1 year ago

My relationship with God is of the utmost importance to me. And while making some money from my writing would be nice, it is not a dire necessity because my aim is to create a positive and lasting legacy of fine Christian literature. So if what the public wants right now is free poetry and short memes then that is what I’ll create, after all I am writing for them and God. Not for money.

Samantha Leboeuf (@guest_2988)
1 year ago

Thanks so much Shirley for your insightful comment and for reading

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