Strife is a feeling we have surface when we have not communicated clearly to begin with another person.  Strife tends to build over time.  Sometimes, when two people hold opposite opinions, strife can simply occur.  There are ways to avoid strife but the main way to dodge this bullet is to communicate better and respect other’s thinking and opinions.  Before going any further, we will look at the definition in the Webster Dictionary and DWW definition of strife.  

Webster Definition of  Strife-1.  Angry or bitter disagreement over issues;  Conflict.

DWW definition of Strife-Communication and mutual respect for another’s opinion. 

When we experience the feeling of strife towards another, chances are there has already been a breakdown in our communication with them.  We see strife often in marriages when two people refuse to compromise with the other. There most likely is a discretion they simply can’t get past.  Can Strife be resolved?  I have found when things get to this point in any relationship, the best thing to do is scratch the past and start over new.  

Too many harmful things have been said and done at this point to go further with what is “damaged goods”.  Some of us believe there is no such thing as starting over once a relationship has reached feeling strife towards another.  I, on the other hand, believe the initial love that started this relationship, to begin with, is still underneath strife.  Both individuals in the relationship must believe this as well.  They must be willing to put forth the extraordinary effort needed to change the dynamics in how they interact.

Yes, it is possible to fully change the dynamics in a relationship with unfathomable effort.  Sometimes at this point, it is best to separate when strife stands between them.  This is what I call “irreconcilable differences” and why many marriages end in divorce.  Sadly, there is no coming back when you’ve reached this point. 

Strife is so difficult in a marriage involving children.  It must be said that at this point the best thing to do is put the children first and start over in a separate relationship where this is the top priority. Children are so impressionable and to see strife between their parents once they are apart is horribly difficult on them.  The parents must realize they are setting cement examples of how impossible it can be to get along with others even civilly and they can potentially carry this with them for life acting out in their own relationships.  

Thanks so much for reading about strife today.  Although these feelings in any relationship are extremely negative, there is always a way back to peace even if it takes changing the form of the relationship completely.

Samantha Leboeuf/DWW

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