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What kind of temperament do you have? How does it affect your life? First of all, let us take a look at what temperament means in our Webster Dictionary-1. a characteristic or habitual inclination or mode of emotional response: Disposition 2. excessive sensitiveness or irritability.


Daily Wisdom Word Meaning-An overall mood or disposition a person has in general as part of their characteristics.


Do you think your even tempered? Temperament is about a state of mind. It can also represent a bad mood or a good mood or an even keeled mood. If you’re really honest, would you say you had a temperament that is even keeled? How do your brain chemicals affect your temperament? The brain chemical that most affects your temperament is serotonin, a neurotransmitter. Serotonin is associated with obsessions and compulsions, and mood or temperament and anxiety.


My temperament depends on many things–if I have had a good nights sleep, whether I have eaten, exercised, etc., temperament can change based on the way you are treating yourself. If you are like me, you pretty much have the same temperament. Me, being in a good or tired mood. Temperament is about the overall consistency of your mood and disposition. Temperament is affected by your levels of Dopamine and Norepinephrine. Dopamine affects your alertness and energy while Norepinephrine affects your attention, motivation, pleasure and reward centers.


I have to exercise to keep me emotionally healthy. Exercise can improve your overall temperament by at least 25% based on the endorphins (happy drugs), the brain produces after a 25 minute time frame of cardiovascular exercise. You can also do weights for a 10 minute stretches and get endorphins or a better frame of mind or temperament as well.


Temperament can also be changed by external circumstances as well. Have you ever had a perfect day and just felt in a great mood all day because of the way your day had gone? Or better, yet, have you had a perfectly bad day, and have something great happen that turned your whole day around? I know this has happened to me several times. Today, what I am hoping to hear are stories of your temperament. Honest ones, telling me what changes it if anything. Are you the type of person who’s temperament is so solid that you can have anything happen to you and it doesn’t change your state of mind?


My brother-in-law is this way. No matter how many bad things happen to him throughout the day, he manages to stay in a great mood. I think it is his calm demeanor. He can have two tires go flat in a day, go out in the Sacramento heat in the dead of summer and change those tires and come back to the car in a great mood. He must be full of Serotonin, Norepinephrine and Dopamine.


I used to be in New Home Sales for over fifteen years and found it amazing at the types of people I would meet. I would pride myself by being able to change their temperament if it was a bad one, by making them laugh, but wasn’t always successful. Believe me, you meet many personality types in new home sales, because you either have people edgy who are serious buyers who are not in the best of moods, or you have people coming to view your model home out for a leisurely stroll on Sunday who are in a great disposition or temperament. My point is, no matter how solid your moods are, there is always an ignitor that can set your temperament off and it usually has to do with an imbalance of your brain chemicals. Stress is the number one cause of the effect of the brains happy messengers causing your temperament to be greatly affected.


Pain can also cause changes in temperament and again, your own brain chemicals can be more effective than drugs in regulating that pain. For instance, Endorphins are THREE times more powerful than Morphine. Serotonin, a brain hormone is a neurotransmitter transmitting nerve impulses and if levels of Serotonin are off kilter, your temperament can be completely off kilter.


Can Poetry reading and writing affect these brain chemicals therefore affecting our temperaments? Research says yes, based again by the endorphin, dopamine being produced when reading or writing poetry, believe it or not, Poetry has a calming effect when reading it. There are plenty of healthy things you can do to change a bad temperament and turn your day around. Again, your brain chemicals play a role, because Poetry and writing relieve stress and stress interferes with the brains happy messages.


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We are all perfectly imperfect, and we need to accept this quality in each other so we drop so many expectations from one another.


Thank you for reading today.


Quote of the day “if it weren’t for bad moods or my temperament, I would have no mood at all”.


Have a great day!


Samantha Leboeuf

Community Leader

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