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How does thoughtfulness affect you, with others?  How hard is it to honestly be thoughtful?  Let us first take a look at the definition of thoughtfulness in our Webster Dictionary.

Thoughtfulness-1.  the state of being absorbed in thoughts.  2.  Careful consideration or attention  3.  Consideration for the needs of other people.

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of Thoughtfulness-1.  Thinking of others needs and wants instead of being so absorbed in your own needs.  2.  Putting others before yourself at times.

Thoughtfulness really doesn’t take much effort.  Not only does the person you are thoughtful with benefit, but you do too, in fact maybe more.  The opposite of thoughtfulness is selfishness.  It is true that when flying, if a plane were going to crash, you would put an oxygen mask over yourself first, then the person next to you.  I have always thought this was a good overall example of being smart.

Thoughtfulness does not mean martyrship.  It means taking care of yourself so that you can be thoughtful with others. For example, if I am in good oververall mental and physical and psychological health, thinking of others needs before my own as long as the harmony with yourself is not affected.

It is much more difficult to be thoughtful with others when you have needs that are not being taken care of with yourself but it does mean once you’ve taken care of yourself, to give to others, and think about their needs.  In fact, thoughtfulness does mean once you have taken care of your own absolute needs, using whatever is left over for another, and not taking more that you deserve the true definition of thoughtfulness.

Thoughtfulness means so much to another person.  I am always amazed when another person thinks of me by getting a card on a day when I wouldn’t expect it, or holding a door open for me, when they didn’t have to, or simply smiling at me because they took the extra measure to do so, was very kind and thoughtful.

I recently broke my leg, and my friend asked me what she could do to help.  She truly was willing to go the extra mile and help me because she cared.  Thoughtfulness shows others we care and that they are cared for.  Being thoughtful, since it does not take over our basic needs is a must, and part of doing for the others.  Actions will always speak louder than words and being thoughtful with others by putting them over some of your own wants speaks volumes to the kind of character you have as an individual.

Think of others after you have taken care of your own basic needs, but definitely think of their needs as well and do something to show you do care.

Thanks so much for reading about thoughtfulness today.

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Samantha LeBoeuf/DWW

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