Even Google may not be able to help you in the search for that thought that lurks inside of you. This may come as a shock to you because today, Google is the library we run to most times. Correct me if am wrong.


For most writers who really know the force every thought brings, thoughts that make us run to our various place of solace to pen these thoughts, we would agree that such thoughts need a place of calm.


I always say something to most writers that I know. I tell them: there’s no how in .writing down your thoughts. No one can tell you how to bring them out, not even Google, because they have a mind of there own.

Thoughts and me. That’s the word for today’s picture poetry on Daily Wisdom Words. Can you compose a poem with the aforementioned words?

Join the picture prompt.

– See picture

– Compose a poem inspired by picture with words in title

– Share with us⁸

Picture Credit: Jon Flobrant


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pd_adams (@guest_9179)
2 months ago

Wishing Well

Why do we try to go
guns blazing to tranquility?

Those fresh bomb shells we make
never dream of humanity

Tho flesh & blood link us
in pools of genes

On pools of water blue
bluer than blue we dream

Now wish us well my dream
that you come true


Michelle (@guest_9176)
2 months ago

Dusk settles
heavy with clouds
light rain drizzles
idle by the fire
thoughts n me unease
forgotten secrets
guilty of sins
a vow freed
scattered in dry leaves
sacred silence
of winter dreams
it came the pain
with undeclared memories
sympathetic in feelings.

CurvyRedGurl (@guest_9175)
2 months ago

Thoughts and me?
Really not some place most want to be
Bouncing around like bumper boats
scattered complexities
meditate & relax they say to me
neural network like a spiders web breathing
water gently splashes against my chest
I am here and then again bereft
incapable of calming my thoughts
only focusing on each second
or the next will be lost. -Ad (CRG)

Michelle (@guest_9178)
2 months ago
Reply to  CurvyRedGurl

Love this 😍😍

@Tetrametracall1 (@guest_9174)
2 months ago

Dawn rises touching me
thoughts wake my soul
sunlight kissing eyes
alone with today’s beautiful.

Afternoon remembers you
dreams we shared
winter’s silent snowflakes
mesmerizing like you.

Evening shares her secrets
holding yours & mine
we kiss today farewell
nightfalling together.

Michelle (@guest_9177)
2 months ago

Mesmerising πŸ’–

@Tetrametracall1 (@guest_9491)
7 days ago

Morning recalls us here
her gentle thoughts lucent
lighting eyes together
for yesterday’s promise.

Daylight shadows me
echoing lost dreams
spring’s dulcet rainstorms
reminds of past tears.

Eventide washes today
refreshed stars awaken
mesmerizing our dance
we sing her silent song.

Julie Frikuj (@guest_9172)
2 months ago

Thoughts & Me thinking what could this mean? 
Google search for words; dictionary, Pictionary, translator, thesaurus if ya please
seeking confirmation, pondering of One’s purpose
meaning of life, while others lie in wait scheming
meditation, inner healing; One love, peace, FREE

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