How do we deal with  personal tragedies in our lives, especially when we don’t expect it and are hit with it on a day that seems to be going just fine? Tragedy can either make us or break us as individuals and we can either cope with it, and get stronger, or lose ourselves in it.

Let us take a look at the meaning of tragedy in our Webster Dictionary before going any further.

Tragedy-An event causing great suffering, destruction and distress such as a loss, serious accident, crime or natural catastrophe.

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of tragedy-Sadness and suffering caused by any form of loss including death, an ending of a relationship, or unexpected accident.

Tragedy comes in all forms and we have to find a way to cope with it.  I have written on loss and endings before, but tragedy in an all-encompassing word for all of this.  It hurts our hearts and is so painful, especially when the tragedy is personal, up close and real.

World tragedy happens all of the time.  We just recently had two mass shootings over one weekend by people motivated by racial tragedy.  This has hurt our Nation and our false belief that we are invincible and safe.  World tragedies like this, have not warning, usually and hit us out of left field, sometimes when we least expect it.  World tragedy affects all of us, and makes us feel a little less sure of our control on life.

Personal tragedy is the hardest I believe, because you must COPE with immediate changes and sadness you feel from them especially when you lose someone you love.  Sometimes personal tragedy takes form in a break-up or death.  When this happens, especially with no warning, our immediate circumstances CHANGE FOREVER and we feel them from our bones.

Our hearts break and we often ask the question, WHY?  Why did this have to happen to us?  It is important to mention that how we cope with tragedy and how sensitive we are has much to do with the way we survive it.  A break-up with someone you love can cause great personal tragedy.  A death of a loved one can cause tragedy and loss as well.  A personal break-up can feel like the end of the world, but we do have a choice with how we cope with it.

We must make the best of tragedies.  At the end of every thunderstorm there is often a rainbow that follows, full of color and beauty.  Sometimes, it takes tragedies to make us stronger or to see CHANGE.  REAL CHANGE.  We have to look inside them and find the lesson they hold, as well as cope with the devastating loss, no matter what it is.

Many of us think we are in control of everything.  However, that is simply an illusion.  Bad things continue to happen around us even if it is not to us, directly.

LOSS, especially personal of those we love, is to myself the hardest, but my life is not over.  Who is to say what the next thing to happen is in my life that may make me realize this is not the worst thing in the world?

Thanks so much for reading about tragedy today.  PLEASE, I urge you to “join the discussion” beneath this article, and give us your thoughts on tragedy.  Thanks so much for reading, and have a beautiful and blessed day.dd

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Samantha LeBoeuf/DWW

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