Today’s Daily Wisdom Word will be traits.  There are two types of traits I will write about today:  Genetic Traits, and Learned Traits.  Genetic traits are those traits passed on at birth to a child.  Less than 50% of genetic traits come from the father, and over 50% come from the child’s mother because of mitochondria.  Genetic traits are dominant or recessive. If the recessive genes are in play, this means even though both parents have brown eyes, babies can inherit recessive genes and have blue eyes.  There is also a 50% chance that a baby can inherit the grandparents genes.  Genetic Traits range all the way from eye color to innate abilities and unfortunately, inheritable diseases. Let us take a look at the Webster Definition of traits and the daily wisdom word definition.

Webster definition of traits-1.  a distinguishing quality or characteristic, typically belonging to a person.  2.  a genetically determined characteristic

Daily Wisdom Word Definition-Behaviors ingrained from early childhood that are inherited to adulthood or learned behavior

For example, breast cancer is a hereditary trait.  I have had breast cancer and carry the gene from my mother who also has had it.  My aunt passed away from it.  Autism is now showing signs of being an inherited trait.  

Let’s talk a little about learned traits. This means if a child is around and taught certain skill sets, they will be carried forward as learned traits.  Most likely, if Dad is not a sports fan and does not watch sports, due to learned behavior, the child may not like sports either.  If a daughter sees a mother cooking and enjoying this skill, there is a better chance she will carry forth this trait into adulthood.  Learned traits are also passed from sibling to sibling.  If there is a child that is what I classify as a follower, he is more likely to follow the sibling’s example of liking, for example, football.  If the child is a leader, he may make a choice to find his own trait he will carry forward.  

In order to better understand this, we need to think of traits like we do recessive and dominant genes.  If a child is submissive, he is more likely to follow siblings interests.  If a child is dominant, he is more likely to mark his own territory with what traits he creates and carries forward.  Regardless, current research shows “learned traits” play a large role in who we grow up to be as adults.  

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