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What is transmission and how would it apply to us?

Let us first take a look at the meaning of transmission in the dictionary I just downloaded from Siri which a friend referred me to. This is a dictionary which seems to have much more informative information about the definition of words, called the Farlex Dictionary so will use that for our definition. Transmission-1. Communication
by means of transmitted signals. 2. The act of sending a message, causing a message
to be transmitted.

Daily Wisdom Word Definition 1. The ability we have as human beings to “transmit” energy between two parties or others. 2. Sharing signals that cannot be seen or heard, mentally between humans.

We as individuals, transmit energy between each other. Have you ever been in a relationship where you had a deep connection and could almost read each other’s
minds? This is transmission!

I will give you a personal example of transmission that is very simplistic but my
daughter and I do it together all the time. I ask her to think of a number between
1-20. I or she will generally guess what the number is that one another is thinking
about. Some might call this “odds” but this happens more often than not, that we each
can guess the number the other is thinking about.

This is how transmission works. If your in a bad mood, and you say NOTHING, others can feel that mood around you. This is transmission as your communicating that mood to others and don’t even realize it.

Another example would be the opposite. Have you ever been in a great mood and had it literally “infect” others? Others around you could feel your energy. Again, this is transmission. Transmission is the transfer of energy from one person to another, and its other meaning, the inner workings of a car, is actually less complex because we don’t fully understand how transmission works mentally although we have an idea with energy transferring back and forth. You can easily see this at work between two people, and it is my opinion, that the closer those humans are to one another, the easier it is to transmit this communication.

Transmission is still a bit of a mystery. It is also about our own personal belief systems how much weight we place on transmission. Transmission is also having faith in something you cannot taste, touch, smell, or see. You must believe in energy.

Transmission today is our daily wisdom word. I hope to see poetry with the use of transmission within it’s verses, or a quote, or any thoughts or comments you may wish to share on the subject.

Remember, this is a website in progress, not perfection as of yet. We are also in progress at all times, not perfection.

We will be having a Poetry Contest very soon, based on the number of people who sign up so refer your friends to daily wisdom words, so we can reach the 100 mark for our first Poetry contest. We are very close now.

Thank you so much for reading daily wisdom words, and have a beautiful and blessed day.

Samantha LeBoeuf
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