Today’s Daily Wisdom Word is trust.  Trust is vital when it comes to trusting yourself and others.  Relationships need love, respect, and trust to thrive.  Often times, for example, we may be in a committed relationship such as marriage involving children, and still want to work things out when trust from your partner has been violated.  Sometimes, this is possible and sometimes it is simply not.  

Having trust and self-confidence in yourself may also play a role in deciding if trust can be repaired.  If you are self-confident and sure of who you are, it may be possible to give someone another chance in trusting them again after they have violated such a delicate and intimate part of a love relationship.  If you’re already broken, for example, from previous baggage from another relationship and a partner cheats on you, it may never be possible to regain the trust you once had.  The reason for this is you entered into the relationship without fixing what was broken, to begin with.  

I am suggesting trust can be re-established if two people are together, and one made a mistake to get past this intimate violation and move forward.  We do not have the power to change people, places or things about another.  People do make mistakes.  On the other hand, some people make the same mistake over and over due to fidelity issues or broken pieces inside themselves that you may never have a chance with no matter how much the work.  

I believe strongly in commitment and fidelity.  However, if I am not healthy inside and have not addressed previous relationship issues, I will carry that pain into another relationship.  It is possible that you are the one with an issue and your mate has been nothing but faithful.  From the other person’s perspective, if they have done nothing wrong, this is an issue that can only be repaired by yourself.  You must fix whatever is broken before entering a new relationship if emotional baggage is weighing you down. 

I strongly suggest counseling for this and recommend if you are a member, reaching out to our Psychologist, Dr. Shanni Dover, and sending a private message.  She will either point you in the right direction, or she will direct you to one of our “Mental Health advocates” for a private appointment.  Please remember:  It is not possible to go forward if you are damaged goods without bringing them aboard your new relationship.  

Picture trust as having pieces like with a puzzle and suddenly you’re trying to put this puzzle together, and your missing pieces to complete it.  This is how the trust operates.  Please don’t enter a relationship until you fully heal from your previous one.  Self-confident individuals with high self-esteem know whether there is enough to work with to stay or leave.  Emotionally broken people do not.

One last point I would like to share is this:  the ability to trust another begins with you trusting yourself.  We must trust ourselves to pick a partner who is healthy like you are.  Don’t sacrifice the invaluable trust you have in yourself for a broken partner.  We cannot fix other people.  Only they can choose to change.

We would love to have you be a part of daily wisdom words.  simply sign up on our website,, and join us in strengthening yourself so you may strengthen your writing.  It is much easier to write when you are a healthy, trustworthy and trusting individual.  Samantha Leboeuf/DWW

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