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What does ultimatums mean? A final condition or demand which will bring about a resort to forceful actions. Ultimatums are final


Daily Wisdom Word Meaning-Ultimatums- A final condition or act which results in an inevitable force or action.


Ultimatums are sometimes given when we are sick of a situation and wish to bring about change. Remember, though that ultimatums are final and we had better be prepared to back them with action if we give one and we aren’t prepared to walk away.


I know in the past I have given ultimatums that I wasn’t prepared to walk away by and because I wasn’t, respect was lost on both ends. Respect was lost on the other parties end because when they would test the ultimatum, I wasn’t prepared to walk in a relationship and respect was lost on my behalf for myself for giving the ultimatum prematurely.


When we write poetry and short stories, we often talk of ultimatums and you will notice that at the end of the story one party takes action-the side that gave the ultimatum to begin with. my point is Ultimatums create drama and drama isn’t always a positive thing.


Ultimatums are final verses stated to another party when we have reached the end of a situation we care about that is no longer meeting our needs. We know that in a relationship giving an ultimatum will result in the end of the relationship or the beginning of a different one. Unfortunately, with ultimatums involving love stories it may take you walking away from the situation for a period of time before the ultimatum can be felt by the other person.


I know in the past out of anger, I have given ultimatums to old loves I wasn’t prepared to walk away from, and all they did was cause the other party to lose respect for me in the end because of this.


Ultimatums are final so be prepared to give one or if you get one don’t hang around waiting for the other party to come back or for you to stay after threatening to leave. Never give ultimatums out of anger because this can result in a premature ultimatum you’re not prepared to back with action and a final end to the relationship.


Ultimatums can be a huge mistake on one’s behalf if they are not prepared to back them and just angry. Sadly, without good communication, the other party may not be aware of what your so upset about. Make sure to give two warnings before a final ultimatum and make sure the other party is clear about why your so upset.


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