Today I am going to write about VANITY. First, let us look up the meaning of vanity in our Webster Dictionary. Vanity-1. Something that is vain, empty or useless. 2. the quality or fact of being useless or futile; futility. 3. Undo pride in oneself or one’s appearance; Conceit


Daily Wisdom Word Meaning-1. an obsession with one’s appearance. 2. an intense amount of interest in oneself to an extreme degree.


What is wrong with vanity? Well, like any other extreme, it is taking one’s interest in oneself another step further. When someone is so focused on themselves, they miss what is going on around them and who is around, period. They miss being able to see the world from another’s perspective. This leads to a lack of compassion because when their too wrapped up in themselves, they don’t have time to critique others. Everyday is spent primping, working out excessively for the reason of self-love, looking in the mirror constantly, and literal conceit. Vanity isn’t always about ones physical looks. It is an emptiness inside the person as well. What they have on the outside, cannot compensate for all that is missing on the inside.


We all know someone that is a little vain. We all know that person who is so involved with themselves, they cannot focus on others, nor do they care to. Their schedule is booked; with themselves. They have an exaggerated sense of self-worth, self-respect, and are often narcissistic. One interesting thing about vanity is it is easy to spot. A person cannot hide it for long that their focus and attention is placed upon themselves.


Vanity leads to narcissism and eventual loss of interest in anything but one’s own appearance. Vanity does not only affect the person who is vain, it affects those around them such as family members drastically. Those that love them end up playing tag along behind them because someone who has a vanity issue is incapable of putting others needs before their own.


I have met men along my journey in life, who have told me how beautiful I am, over and over again and that is all they repeat, with different adjectives. They have NO interest in who I am as an individual. They could care less about my heart, my intelligence, my children and family, (this was many years ago), but nothing has changed when it comes to vanity and a man or woman who obsesses on another’s good looks only tends to be vain themselves.


Don’t dislike them; feel sorry for them for they miss out on life, completely. They don’t enjoy that remarkable feeling of giving a gift to another, or parenting. A person with extreme vanity can have children by the way, but those children eventually become an extension of themselves. In other words, they are dressed perfectly as well and manicured right along with mom or dad. They are raised thinking the sun and moon rises and sets upon mom or dad. In order to get the attention they need, they end up complimenting their own mother or father in every way they can. They are often mislabeled as selfish to others, but this is based on the environment they have been raised in.


Regardless, as with anything else, taking great care of yourself is an asset, but Vanity is the extreme and extremes are generally not good with anything including one’s appearance.


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We are all “imperfectly perfect” but vanity is unfortunately not a wisdom word that recognizes that.


Have a blessed and wonderful day!


Samantha Leboeuf

Community Leader

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