What does vigilance mean and why is it so important to us?


Vigilance, according to the Webster Dictionary is important to us because of this meaning:-Vigilance-Alertly watchful to avoid danger.


Daily Wisdom Word Meaning of Vigilance- 1. Being overly careful to avoid danger and a high sense of alert we get when we are in the presence of it.


Vigilance has partly to do with instinct. We all can get paranoid from time to time that something is going on when we have little or no evidence of it, but vigilance has to do with our instincts telling us we are in danger.


Vigilance is a strange Daily Wisdom Word from the standpoint that our body physically responds to it. We all have what is called a “built in” fight or flight syndrome where our cortisol levels elevate and we produce a chemical which heightens our sense of awareness naturally within our bodies letting us know we really are in danger.


This is the interesting and fascinating thing about vigilance. Our gut instinct which is stronger than any chemicals sets off a response physically within our body letting us know we should be extra cautious.


I know there was a time and incident in my own life where for no reason at all, I pulled up into my garage eight months pregnant and would not go into the garage door. The garage door wasn’t open but was slightly ajar and I knew I had not left it that way. Other than the garage door not being closed all of the way, there were no clues of foul play but I had a heightened sense of instinct and vigilance not to go into the front door.


There was a feeling inside me that raised my cortisol levels setting off a fight or flight syndrome and I found myself off to the neighbors to call the police and waited quietly at my neighbors who assured me it was my pregnancy jitters and they had been home all day and had seen nothing.


Within about ten minutes the police arrived and sure enough when they went to check the house they found my vigilance was correct. There had been a break-in. Listen to your instincts and when you get into a state where you feel vigilant, don’t ignore it. It is your bodies way of alerting you to trouble. Thanks for reading about vigilance today and I appreciate your time.


We are all imperfectly perfect individuals and we will come to realize if we haven’t already, that is okay.


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Look forward to you reading.


Samantha Leboeuf

Community Leader

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