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What does it mean to be vulnerable?  What does vulnerability mean in our Webster Dictionary?

Vulnerability-1.  susceptible to physical or emotional attack or harm . 2.  in need of special care, support, or protection because of age, disability, or risk of abuse or neglect . 3.  liable to higher penalties, either by convention or through having won one game toward a rubber

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning-1.  A state of heightened fear due to weakness, whether it be to physical reasons, emotional reasons, or psychological reasons.

Vulnerability is difficult because it puts you as the vulnerable one, in a state of weakness if your around the perfect person who is not sensitive to your needs.   People often feel more vulnerable, when they are emotionally vested deeper in a relationship than the other party, particularly the type of relationship involving romance and love.

Vulnerability can occur between couples over a long period of time, when one partner is abusive.  Through a process, generally used by narcissists called grooming, the other party is made to feel vulnerable through years of intimidation, being spoken down to, and having their personal traits attacked.  Vulnerability also occurs when one party is weaker than the other by some disadvantage, such as physically, emotionally, or psychologically and they are with the right kind of person to take advantage of this fact.

I think for myself, the most vulnerable I have felt was being in love with one particular individual I recall from my past very well.   I had just been diagnosed with CRPS (Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome and he was my pain management doctor.  This made it difficult because I saw him as his patient for months, revealing my most intimate thoughts before the relationship turned romantic.  One day, while in the office, he slipped me his phone number, personal obviously, and we started seeing one another.

Over a period of time, (three years), we continued to see each other, but I always felt vulnerable around him, partly because he was so physically active and I could not be, but also because he took advantage of this fact.  It takes two, I believe to create the feelings of vulnerability with one person, and he tended to play on my weaknesses, very well.  He would use the information I had given him as his patient in the initial days of the relationship against me in order, I believe to make me feel vulnerable.

He always held the edge in the relationship, as I did not know nearly as much as what I did about him as he did me, placing me at a huge disadvantage when we had a disagreement or otherwise.

People also feel vulnerable when they are in the care of someone else if that person can not be trusted to abuse this fact.   Sometimes, people without meaning to, began to resent taking care of the other individual if it is a personal relationship and begin to insult them indirectly or otherwise.  Vulnerability in never a fun stage to feel in with another person you are involved with personally or even otherwise, although on a professional basis, money changes hands between the individuals leveling the playing field.  Vulnerability is never a fun feeling to have with anyone regardless, as you always feel susceptible to the other individual in some way.

Imagine how the elderly feel who have someone taking care of them full time.  When it becomes time to place them in extended care, because you as the caretaker, can’t handle the situation anymore, they are never the full individual emotionally that they were before they were so vulnerable.

Thank you so much for reading about vulnerability today with me.  Think today who you feel the most vulnerable with in your life, and why, and ask yourself why.  You will find it generally stems from some kind of imbalance of power between you and the other individual.

Have a beautiful and blessed day.  Thank you so much for reading.

Samantha LeBoeuf



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