Surfing through Twitter yesterday was quite eventful for me. I say this in respect to the picture a friend posted on her wall. It made me think for a while how these entities in question (stature and wall) could go through what i saw.

Anyways, i don’t want to bore you with my imagination but indulge for some minutes and let us all think on the literal possibilities behind the picture. Two items here: A stature and a wall eavesdropping on something. If you ask me, that’s some sick and yet beautiful thing to think on. You should see my face right now. I’m smiling at the possibilities.

You know me, i won’t go into the prompt today without asking how you are doing today? You can reach me via my mail abuhmonday@gmail.com or on twitter @Mondaydpoet if you need someone to talk to. I listen.

I’m ready when you are ready…

  • See picture
  • Compose a poem inspired by picture
  • Share with us


Abuh Monday Eneojo
Abuh Monday Eneojo is a poet and author of three books. You can check out his books on Amazon.

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  2. Simon Warwick Beresford

    Snake Eyes

    I hate to tell you
    They’re not statues
    They’re people, petrified

    Medusa moves among us
    I guess you
    Thought she’d died?

    Well for a while
    She was just a head
    Upon Athena’s shield

    But mortals gave her worship
    From the neck
    She healed!


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